well hello there.


welcome to my blog. “what’s for dinner?” — that’s the question i’m constantly asking! i’m a bit of a geek when it comes to meal planning… i like to plan in large chunks — typically two months at a time. that provides a lot of variety which is great cos i get bored eating the same thing over and over again. altho there are just so many amazing recipes out there, it’s like there aren’t enough days in the week/month/year to eat it all!

my number one rule: if the meal i’ve just cooked and eaten is not something i’d order in a restaurant, i will 99.9% not make it again. that doesn’t mean it has to be all super fancy, it just has to be super yummy. and preferably easy (altho that’s not even remotely a deal-breaker).

i am in awe of the people who create my favourite recipes — chefs, bloggers and cookbook authors alike. how they dream up these amazing flavour creations, the way they combine ingredients to construct these mouthwatering dishes — it blows me away. i, on the other hand, lack any talent in that department and am therefore a tried-and-true recipe-follower, so i devote an obscene amount of time trying to find the best recipes i can. i am constantly culling and adding to my personal recipe box.

this blog is a collection of my weekly meal plans, with links to the original recipes along with any changes i’ve made and what i thought about each dish. i receive no compensation for anything i post or link to; the opinions are all mine.

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happy eating,

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