well hello there.


“what’s for dinner???” i am always hearing that the worst part of getting dinner on the table is not the cooking, or even the shopping — it’s the thinking, the planning! personally i don’t understand this as i love the planning part — hi! 🙋 geek here!

i am in awe of the people who create my favourite recipes — chefs, bloggers and cookbook authors alike. how they dream up these amazing flavour creations, the way they combine ingredients to construct these mouthwatering dishes — it blows me away! i, on the other hand, lack any talent in that department and am therefore a tried-and-true recipe-follower, so i devote an obscene amount of time trying to find the best recipes i can. i am constantly culling and adding to my personal recipe box.

this blog is a collection of my weekly meal plans — now updated to include grocery lists!

if you choose to follow along, my hope is that you will not only enjoy the variety of meals i include each week but also find that you spend less time thinking about what to make every night. the majority of the meals in my plans are already available on the internet via food blogs or cooking websites, some are from cookbooks — with credit and accompanying links given — and then there are a few that i’ve gleaned from friends and family, and maybe even one i made up all by myself. they’ve all been tested however and are winners!

my number one rule: if the meal i’ve just made is not something i’d order again in a restaurant, i will 99.9% not repeat it. that doesn’t mean it has to be all super fancy, it just has to be super yummy. and preferably easy (altho that’s not even remotely a deal-breaker).

not every meal (not even close) can be ready in under 30 minutes but i surprise myself a lot at just how quickly so many of them come together! i often find myself marinating something the night before, and i’m a big bean soaker (there’s nothing wrong with canned beans, i’m just cheap) but for the most part, i start making dinner about an hour before i want to sit down and eat.

occasionally i will include a salad or side dish with a particular meal if i think it’s necessary, but more often than not i won’t; if you would like to add a salad or side dish or crusty rolls even, feel free!

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happy eating,

ps/i don’t receive any compensation for anything i post or link to; the opinions are all mine.


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