spring meal plan ~ week 3

spring has sprung, people! the sun is shining! the sky is blue! it’s still bloody freezing outside but whatever, i’ll take it!!

shrimp tacos
these are insanely easy and incredibly satisfying. you can use your favourite kind of tortilla, be it flour, corn or whole wheat. you don’t need to add a mashed avocado to the crema if you don’t want, but we find it takes it up a notch. just sayin.

shrimp tacos

pizza beans
this one took me by surprise. i mean i do love beans and i do love pizza but i just wasn’t feelin it. i think it may have been that the recipe calls for giant beans and i’m not really a fan of anything giant (sunflowers are terrifying, amirite?) but then i saw several people raving about this online and i had to make it. as i’ve said before, smitten kitchen has never steered me wrong! oh my word, it was so much better than i expected!! the gigante beans (couldn’t find in the stores but hello, next day delivery from amazon!) were unbelievably creamy and delicious! i will make this again and again.

pizza beans

turkey & zucchini burgers + roasted cauliflower & hazelnut salad
another ottolenghi winner, my friends! these babies aren’t so much burgers as bunless sliders really. or flattened meatballs maybe? whatever they are, they’re flippin delicious! esp with that sumac sauce! and i’ve found yet another way to get roasted cauliflower into my belly. combined with toasted hazelnuts and — to my surprise — celery, this salad is addictive!!


potato curry + green beans with mustard & ginger
so often indian food seems too complicated to prepare at home that it’s just easier to order in. not tonight! both of these are super easy, and dare i say, super healthy? okay maybe not super healthy but definitely a long shot healthier than indian takeaway! these are both very quick to make too — the most time consuming bit is peeling the potatoes!

potato curry + green beans

this meal always takes me straight back to our 20th anniversary trip to greece in 2015. i’d never even heard of pastitsio before then, and i quickly became obsessed! i didn’t find it on many menus there and certainly none around these parts after we got home, but i figured i’d make it myself. this version is actually better than the one i had on santorini! it’s basically greek lasagne — bucatini or ziti pasta instead of lasagne noodles, a hearty meat sauce, and a thick layer of béchamel — how can you go wrong?


 click here for the recipes  // click here for the grocery list

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