fall meal plan #5

you do not have to be of german descent to celebrate oktoberfest! you don’t even have to like beer! trust me, i hate beer and this is one of my favourite holiday meals: bratwurst with apples & sauerkraut, german potatoes & a cucumber-dill salad


falafel burgers
amazing vegetarian burgers made from chickpeas, cauliflower, quinoa and a whole bunch of fresh herbs & spices. you can never go wrong with traditional greek salad on the side.


halibut with sweet potato fries & lime
this is probably one of the easiest meals i make. super simple, super quick, super delicious. everything gets roasted in the oven and then just squeeze a bunch of lime on top and scatter some chopped flat leaf parsley.


lentil & chickpea salad with feta & tahini
crikey this is tasty!! so many yummy flavours going on in here — toasted cumin & coriander, lemon, tahini, red onion, cilantro, and of course feta! there are a few steps for sure but the end result is out of this world.


pesto chicken lasagne
a departure from the usual lasagne with meat sauce, this spectacular white version features chopped chicken breast, pesto sauce, all the cheeses (ricotta, mozzerella & parm!) and a lovely béchamel sauce.


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fall meal plan #4

even though labour day typically signals the end of summer, today is technically the first official day of fall. and i’m okay with it. bring on the comfort foods, i say! (but hold off on the rain and freezing temps please!)

miso-marinated salmon + wasabi mashed potatoes
one of our faves. super quick and easy. we love the miso coating on the salmon and the wasabi mash is addictive! the whole thing can be on the table in about 30.


roasted vegetables with chimichurri
tons of flavour in this vegan dish! all of your favourite roasted veg plus an oil-free chimichurri sauce to drizzle on top.

roasted veg chimichurri

middle eastern turkey koftas
you can serve these middle eastern-style meatballs as is, with a cucumber yogurt dipping sauce, or bang them into pita breads.

turkey koftas

sweet potato & green rice burrito bowls
this green rice is literally the best rice ever! combined with roasted sweet potatoes, spicy black beans and creamy avocado slices? hello!


baked rigatoni with tiny meatballs
marcella hazan’s baked pasta and meatballs with béchamel sauce. pure comfort food.

rigatoni meatballs

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fall meal plan #3

ugh i hate that summer is winding down. i know comfort food is right around the corner (wheeee, roasted veg and warming curries and all the turkey) but there are still so many summer meals i want to eat!

chicken bulgogi
super flavourful korean chicken thighs. you’re gonna want to marinate this the night before. and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to do a double batch and freeze half for another night. i’ve included the recipe for a quick and easy cucumber salad to go with.

bolgogi chicken.JPG

summer polenta with chimichurri & tomatoes
creamy cheesy polenta, super sweet tomatoes and zingy herby chimichurri — this is the perfect meal to highlight those end of summer tomatoes, and it’s on the table in less than 30!


fennel & cumin crusted ahi tuna with lentils & spicy roasted carrots
this dish is fancy enough for company but quick enough for a weeknight dinner. you could also skip the ahi tuna (it’s not always easy to find) for an equally delicious vegetarian meal.

ahi tuna with lentils and carrots.JPG

grilled bratwurst sandwiches with tomato jam & sauerkraut
this sub sandwich is so tasty it’s crazy! we use local sausage (shout out to gelderman farms!) but any high-quality brats would work. the real star of this sammie is the tomato jam aka homemade ketchup — hello!! sooo good!! if you’re on the fence about sauerkraut, this cumin-scented version will win you over.

4 brats.jpg

bangkok coconut curry noodle bowls
this could well be our favourite noodle bowl! all the flavours! rice noodles, coconut milk, red curry paste, edamame, carrots, broccoli slaw, red cabbage. super quick super simple super tasty. boom.


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let me know how it goes!


fall meal plan #2

oh wow, so many of my favourites this week! as summer is winding down, our tomato plants are exploding with produce! a girl can only eat so much burrata, amirite? (jk i can eat that stuff all day) but there are a few recipes that i always pull out at the height of tomato season, one of which is featured below. holy delicious!

chicken and white bean enchiladas
these are my family’s favourite enchiladas! shredded chicken and cannellini bean filled tortillas, smothered in a super creamy green chile sauce and topped with cheese. super yum!

chicken & white bean enchiladas

moroccan spiced chickpea glow bowls
this is insanely tasty! warm & spicy chickpeas in a comforting tomato sauce served with quinoa, chopped lettuce, cucumbers and herbs, and a dollop of yogurt or hummus, or both!

moroccan spiced chickpea glow bowl

crispy spiced lamb and lentils
flavour sensation here! spicy chopped lamb & lentils topped with a fresh tomato-cucumber salad & a zippy lemon-tahini sauce, served in lettuce cups.

crispy spiced lamb and lentils

panzanella with marinated chickpeas and chimichurri
one of my favourite salads! gorgeous ripe cherry tomatoes, crusty italian bread cubes, lettuce and zesty chickpeas tossed with fresh herb chimichurri sauce & crumbled feta.

panzanella with marinated chickpeas & chimichurri

hoisin salmon and sesame soba noodle bowls
so many of my favourite things in one bowl: roasted cauliflower plus roasted brussels sprouts plus noodles! and the hoisin salmon is mighty tasty too.

hoisin salmon & sesame soba noodle bowls

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fall meal plan #1

thai noodle salad with peanut-lime dressing
this is my favourite kind of meal: rice noodles, carrots & peppers tossed in a gorgeous peanutty dressing, on a bed of spinach and topped with grilled chicken breast. all the flavours!

thai noodle salad with peanut lime dressing

potatoes with chorizo & onions + tuscan kale salad (salad not pictured)
hard to go wrong with the combo of sausage, onions and potatoes! this dish is meant to be served as part of a tapas menu but i pair it with my favourite kale salad and call it dinner!

potatoes and chorizo

fetamato (pasta with tomato-feta sauce)
my friend kelly gave me this recipe eons ago. it’s one of those 3 ingredient meals (the rest is in your cupboard already), is insanely easy to make and sooo tasty!


crispy cod with lemon-dill sauce
fish sticks, but all grown up! thick cod breaded with spiced panko crumbs and baked in the oven, served with fancy tartar sauce. i like to serve these with an easy (i.e. bagged) coleslaw and long green beans.

fish sticks

potato & rosemary pizza (with easy homemade dough)
love this combination of flavours — and the blistered crispy/chewy pizza crust puts it over the top!

potato rosemary pizza.jpg

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