week 50

FRIDAY bookclub
SATURDAY date night
SUNDAY burgers + french fries
MONDAY enchiladas verdes
TUESDAY peanut soba noodle slaw
WEDNESDAY ahi tuna poke
THURSDAY salmon en papillote

lotta hits and a couple misses this past week, altho the misses were really my fault — what was i thinking turning on my oven in the middle of this insane heat wave in vancouver?? and were they really misses, or was i just cranky by the time i sat down to eat? who’s to say really.

started off the week with good old fashioned hamburgers. it doesn’t get more summer than that, amirite? plus it gave me an excuse to make smitten kitchen’s insanely easy and delicious french fries again. i probably shouldn’t have made the full amount as there was only three of us at dinner, but my boy happily finished them off the next day (even tho deb says they don’t keep very well — depends on who you ask i guess!) yes, i know, there are hamburger recipes out there — does anyone really need another?? i blitzed an onion in my food processor till it was essentially liquid and added it, along with some minced garlic, to a pound of lean organic ground beef. a little salt and pepper, and then formed them into patties. that’s it. oh and brioche buns if you can find them! yum!

i am over the moon with these enchiladas! (👈🏼 if you want to see a better picture than my shit one above, click the link.) yes it was unbearably hot roasting the tomatillos and the jalapeños and then of course baking them once rolled, but my word, that enchilada sauce is soooo good!!! and i figured since i was already in a boiling hot kitchen, why not poach the chicken anyway? i added a dried chili and a couple cloves of garlic plus a bay leaf to the poaching water, but i don’t think it made any difference. her recipe is incredibly flexible so you can add whatever you fancy — i added white kidney beans. gah! so good! so basically not a miss — defs a hit! a huge hit!

another hit! this is one of my fave salads ever. peanut soba noodle slaw. yes! i could eat this all day. the recipe says it yields 4-8 servings but i’m not sure in what world. i do believe the three of us polished it off that night. perfect food for boiling hot temps. shredded red cabbage, shredded brussels sprouts, grated carrot, sliced scallions, soba noodles and hello, asian peanut dressing!

i’ve been wanting to make this ahi tuna poke for ages but it’s hard to find good yellowfin tuna here. it often has that gross sinewy stuff in it. anyway, i spotted some last week so rearranged the menu to fit it in. popped it in the freezer as i’ve read that if you’re serving fish raw, it’s best to have been frozen for at least three days beforehand? is this true? anyway, by the time it was thaw, there was only enough time to marinate it for two hours but thinking longer would be amazing! as poke is not really a meal, but rather a popular appy, i figured i’d serve it with some sesame soba noodles and spicy beans to round out the meal. delightful!

okay so here it is: the miss. i guess there was only one. and to be honest, i’m still not 100% it’s not great. it was just so stinking hot! have i mentioned that? i got the recipe from simple by diana henry, a cookbook i had never heard of but had to have after seeing a bunch of food photos in the food52 cookbook club. i’ve always wanted to make fish en papillote so bookmarked her salmon version as soon as the book arrived! eager beaver, i should have waited till the weather was on the cooler side. i will try this again, but i have to admit, both of us were underwhelmed. i mean it’s salmon so it was good in that regard, but the entire dish didn’t wow me. ah well.


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