week 52

FRIDAY steak + corn on the cob + green beans
SATURDAY dinner party
SUNDAY spiedies
MONDAY leftovers
TUESDAY thai noodle salad with peanut-lime dressing (next week)
WEDNESDAY out for dinner
THURSDAY lentils with fennel & halloumi

by last friday, we’d just returned home from a week away with no cooking so i needed to gently ease myself back in. i rarely if ever make a meal that does not involve me following a recipe but this was the perfect summer meal! we’d picked up half a dozen cobs of corn on the way through chilliwack and i had a ton of green beans on the vines in my garden so the old guy suggested having some steak to go with both. plus a handful of cherry tomatoes from the garden too? winning! is that a negroni? whaaat!?!?
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week 51

FRIDAY date night
SATURDAY vietnamese noodles with steak & shrimp
SUNDAY falafel salad
MONDAY marinated lentils
TUESDAY japanese grilled chicken noodle bowls
WEDNESDAY thai fish burgers
THURSDAY spiedies

oh man so many good dishes this past week! all the flavours! perfect summertime fare!*

i adore noodles in the summer. these vietnamese noodles with steak and shrimp pack so much favour! they’re probs not super authentic (nor attractive) but who cares? it’s dead easy to make and super quick too. rice noodles, red pepper, carrots and cucumber, steak, shrimp and a yummy dressing. yes, there’s fish sauce in that dressing and yes, fish sauce smells like death, but my god, does it ever make food taste delicious!!  fish sauce + sugar + lime = 😍
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week 50

FRIDAY bookclub
SATURDAY date night
SUNDAY burgers + french fries
MONDAY enchiladas verdes
TUESDAY peanut soba noodle slaw
WEDNESDAY ahi tuna poke
THURSDAY salmon en papillote

lotta hits and a couple misses this past week, altho the misses were really my fault — what was i thinking turning on my oven in the middle of this insane heat wave in vancouver?? and were they really misses, or was i just cranky by the time i sat down to eat? who’s to say really.

started off the week with good old fashioned hamburgers. it doesn’t get more summer than that, amirite? plus it gave me an excuse to make smitten kitchen’s insanely easy and delicious french fries again. i probably shouldn’t have made the full amount as there was only three of us at dinner, but my boy happily finished them off the next day (even tho deb says they don’t keep very well — depends on who you ask i guess!) yes, i know, there are hamburger recipes out there — does anyone really need another?? i blitzed an onion in my food processor till it was essentially liquid and added it, along with some minced garlic, to a pound of lean organic ground beef. a little salt and pepper, and then formed them into patties. that’s it. oh and brioche buns if you can find them! yum!
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week 49

FRIDAY lamb burgers with mint-feta pesto
SATURDAY date night
SUNDAY fajitas
MONDAY asian bbq salmon + thai coconut rice
TUESDAY szechuan noodle salad
WEDNESDAY enchiladas verdes
THURSDAY sweet potato & black bean burgers

on friday, i made these lamb burgers and omg i love them so much! i don’t even bother buying buns for these; we like them served plain with a dollop of the mint-feta pesto on top and an easy greek salad on the side. and by easy, i’m not kidding. the amount of posts i see for greek salad is crazy. traditional authentic greek salad (horiatiki) is chopped cuke,  tomato, green pepper, and red onion, with a bunch of olives and a nice slice of feta. i use yellow pepper cos i don’t like the green ones, and neither my husband nor i like olives so i don’t bother. in greece, we often saw capers (!!!) in the salad so sometimes i go that route; i didn’t this time. but it’s the “dressing” recipes that get me. it’s literally olive oil, people. no vinegar. just good extra virgin olive oil, glugged over all the veg. crack some salt and pepper over the top and mixy mixy. and some dried oregano if you fancy. yum!
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