9 weeks of meal planning – july & august

well it’s finally summer! the hot weather is definitely here! bring on bbq food and watermelon and margaritas!


i’m still participating in the food52 cookbook club so july’s and august’s meal plans will feature a fair amount of dishes from david lebovitz’s my paris kitchen and melissa clark’s dinner: changing the game, respectively. expect some tweaking in august cos i’ve not been able to get my hands on august’s book yet.

FRIDAY date night
SATURDAY moroccan carrot salad
SUNDAY bbq salmon
MONDAY johnny carino’s angel hair pasta
TUESDAY chicken lady chicken
WEDNESDAY flank steak with salsa verde + root vegetables
THURSDAY shrimp burgers

FRIDAY date night
SATURDAY salmon sliders
SUNDAY cold rice noodles with peanut lime chicken
MONDAY banh mi
TUESDAY steak + grape, avocado & arugula salad
WEDNESDAY mustard chicken + herbed pasta + leeks
THURSDAY cauliflower salad

FRIDAY date night
SATURDAY asian bbq chicken + napa cabbage slaw
SUNDAY taco salad
MONDAY cowgirl salad
TUESDAY tuna poke
WEDNESDAY parsley pesto linguine
THURSDAY cherry tomato crostini + steak frites

FRIDAY gnocchi & meatballs
SATURDAY date night
SUNDAY croque monsieur + grated carrot salad
MONDAY fajitas
TUESDAY shanghai cod with udon noodles
WEDNESDAY black bean burgers
THURSDAY shrimp corn cakes

FRIDAY date night
SATURDAY lamb burgers with mint-feta pesto
SUNDAY asian bbq salmon + thai coconut rice
MONDAY spaghetti carbonara
TUESDAY szechuan noodle salad
WEDNESDAY enchiladas verdes
THURSDAY sweet potato & black bean burgers

FRIDAY yogurt & tamarind marinated grilled chicken
SATURDAY date night
SUNDAY salmon en papillote
MONDAY burgers + french fries
TUESDAY carnitas
WEDNESDAY arugula gnocchi
THURSDAY peanut soba noodle slaw

FRIDAY date night
SATURDAY grilled mackerel
SUNDAY japanese grilled chicken noodle bowls
MONDAY ahogada torta
TUESDAY marinated lentils
WEDNESDAY vietnamese noodles with steak & shrimp
THURSDAY falafel salad

FRIDAY date night
SATURDAY spiedies
SUNDAY chicken bulgogi
MONDAY thai fish burgers
TUESDAY steak + arugula, dried cherry & wild rice salad
WEDNESDAY summer polenta with chimichurri and tomatoes
THURSDAY vietnamese noodles with lemongrass shrimp

FRIDAY date night
SATURDAY progressive dinner party
SUNDAY lentils with fennel & halloumi
MONDAY pappardelle with meatballs
TUESDAY turkey & bean burgers
WEDNESDAY cod burritos with mango salsa
THURSDAY black bean & hummus roti


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