week 44

FRIDAY spinach artichoke lasagne
SATURDAY baguette with brie, tomato and cucumber
SUNDAY leek fritters + lentils with tomatoes
MONDAY shredded chicken & noodle salad
TUESDAY lemongrass chicken wraps
WEDNESDAY cauliflower & hazelnut salad + turkey & zucchini “burgers”
THURSDAY grilled fish tacos

it was a hot week last week — i’ve got the sunburn to prove it! made a few too many oven-centric recipes for my liking, altho they made up for it by being dang tasty.

this here spinach artichoke lasagne is basically my go-to. it’s in my top 10 list for sure! it also feels way healthier than normal lasagne. how can it not be? a huuuuge amount of spinach, a can of artichokes, a tub of cottage cheese (i got 1% but have defs done non-fat before), fresh marinara sauce, whole wheat noodles (she calls for the no-cook kind but i also buy the ones that need boiling) and a sprinkling or three of mozzarella. pair that with a kale salad and it’s the picture of health.

it was our anniversary last weekend and we decided to celebrate outside in this gorgeous weather with a picnic dinner. this is the easiest sandwich in the world. grab the best tomatoes you can find (heirlooms are great for this), a good cucumber and a wedge of quality, altho no need to go crazy, brie cheese. on your way to the park, pop in to the shop and grab the freshest baguette. assemble when you get there and enjoy.

on sunday i decided to make 2 dishes from ottolenghi’s plenty cookbook: the leek fritters and the castelluccio lentils with tomatoes and gorgonzola, only for the latter i used puy lentils and soft goats cheese. those fritters were out of this world!! like an idiot, i halved the recipe cos these days i’m only cooking for the two of us. big mistake; these would have been great leftovers! and the lentil salad was nice, but i think i like the first mess’ version of oh she glows’ lentils more. i think it was the dill; and i like dill but i found it weird in there. it’s all about the slow roasted tomatoes tho — yummmmm!!

i’ve been making this shredded chicken and udon noodle salad for a long time now. it used to be one of my son’s faves but he never eats with us anymore *sniff*  it comes together rather quickly; shaving the carrots into ribbons is probably the most time-consuming bit. altho you can do that while the chicken is poaching and/or the udon noodles are cooking. everything gets tossed together with a tasty tahini sauce, altho i add more water than is called for — i guess it depends on how thick your tahini is.

another ottolenghi winner! i am a massive roasted cauliflower fan — i could eat the stuff all day. so i was both intrigued and skeptical when it came to the roasted cauliflower and hazelnut salad, skeptical because there’s celery in the salad and i am not a fan of celery! well! it was delicious!!! pomegranate seeds are pretty impossible to come by until november so i drizzled a bit of pom molasses on top, altho quite frankly that salad was just as amazing on its own. to go with, i served the turkey and zucchini burgers which were (surprise!) also delicious. apparently if you use a box grater on the zucchini you’re left with a very wet batter, so i used my food processor with the grater disc. i also skipped the egg (cos i ran out) and it certainly wasn’t needed. these aren’t really burgers as they’re much smaller. would be perfect as appies but they sure made for a lovely dinner.

last but not least, grilled fish tacos! (you may be wondering where the lemongrass chicken wraps are. i hear you. but we had so many leftovers that it made no sense to cook again, especially in this heat. also we didn’t make it to the farmers market so no chicken.) I’m actually on the lookout for a new fish taco recipe. I’m not sure what it is; I’ve been following this recipe for years, with tweaks here and there, but i just don’t love it. last night’s iteration was pretty close to the original: i used cod, altho have used tilapia and snapper before; flour tortillas instead of corn (i accidentally grabbed a white flour pack, but i normally use whole wheat); lastly, i use a combo of sour cream and greek yogurt for the sauce. maybe those changes are for the worse but i doubt it. if you’ve got a hands-down amazing fish taco recipe, send it my way!


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