week 42

FRIDAY date night
SATURDAY dinner at friends’
SUNDAY salmon with red pepper & hazelnut salsa + red quinoa & watercress salad
MONDAY grilled flank steak with cucumber-yogurt sauce
TUESDAY shrimp spring roll bowls with sweet garlic lime sauce
WEDNESDAY beef & lamb meatballs baked in tahini + kosheri + na’ama’s fattoush

salmonso first up this week is an ottolenghi meal… i’m really trying to participate in this food52 cookbook club so am aiming to prepare at least two recipes for each meal, which actually sounds harder than it is. the two dishes i made on sunday were salmon with red pepper & hazelnut salsa, from ottolenghi: the cookbook, and red quinoa & watercress salad, from nopi. both were incredibly straightforward to make and involved very little active cooking time. coincidentally, ingredients from both dishes required a similar amount of cooling/chilling time so it worked out perfectly. the only change i made was to the salad; i used arugula in place of watercress, only because the watercress in the shops (and even at the farmer’s market!) always looks old and wilty. and while the salmon was delightful, the salad was truly amazing! the slightly pickled shallots with a touch of sumac were next-level delicious!

so many recipes call for flank steak when they have no business doing so! flank steak needs to be marinated, preferably overnight, to tenderise it. otherwise, you’re eating leather. this grilled flank steak with cucumber-yogurt sauce is the perfect recipe! the overnight marinade smells soooo good when you’re prepping it: parsley, mint, rosemary, lemon and garlic — yummmm! the next day as you’re heating your grill (i have also broiled this on crappier weather days fyi) make the cucumber salad. i don’t bother salting and rinsing my cukes as i find it doesn’t make any difference, other than taking longer. if your cukes are particularly juicy however, you may want to. i also chuck some quartered bell peppers on the grill with the steak. winning trio of flavour.

omg i love rice noodles! as soon as you can get away with saying it’s summer, it’s pretty much all i fancy eating. these spring roll bowls with sweet garlic lime sauce are super versatile — you can make it as is, or you can add shrimps (like i did) or chicken or tofu or whatever. you can mix up the veg too — whatever you like. but the sauce! oof! so good!

here’s the second ottolenghi meal for this week: beef & lamb meatballs baked in tahini, and kosheri, both from ottolenghi: the cookbook, and na’ama’s fattoush, from jerusalem. holy wow — this was a tasty meal! the flavours of the three dishes went together so well! truth be told, this dinner took me a wee bit longer than the salmon/quinoa salad combo, but it was well worth it! i think i would probably halve the kosheri in the future, unless it was to be the main dish, as we have tons leftover (no complaints — i love leftovers!) i also reduced the amount of yogurt/milk used in the fattoush salad by not quite half, and it was perfect — perhaps my fave dish of the three!

last this week is an old fave, although i don’t make it as often as i used to. its official recipe name is thai-style spicy chicken in lettuce cups but seeing as i serve it in the traditional way (on lettuce rather than in the cups), we always refer to it as larb. this is such a flavourful dish. ground chicken, lemongrass, shallots, fresh herbs and fish sauce. it’s all about the fish sauce, baby. how does something that smells so bad make foods taste so good?



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