week 41

FRIDAY poached cod with potatoes & leeks
SATURDAY enlightened miso power bowls
SUNDAY grilled bratwurst sandwiches with tomato jam & sauerkraut
MONDAY pad thai with chicken & shrimp
TUESDAY grilled chicken with curried quinoa, spinach & mango
WEDNESDAY cauliflower and cumin fritters + sweet potato wedges + cucumber and poppy seed salad
THURSDAY arugula & black bean tacos with pickled onions & feta

lately i’ve been getting so excited about each week’s upcoming meals — this week is no exception! there are some winning recipes out there and luckily i’ve found a bunch of them!!

i could not wait to sit down for dinner on friday night! the first time i made this i was blown away by the flavours in this dish. never expected poached cod to be that big a deal – i was just looking for another way to cook fish tbh. but the leeks and the potatoes and that poaching liquid — oh my word. i do believe this is my favourite fish recipe right now. i’m already ready to have it again!

i’ve been on the fence about getting oh she glows’ first cookbook for aaaages now. it’s not the cost that’s holding me back (it’s like $20 on amazon.ca); i have a finite amount of space on my cookbook shelf and it’s already packed pretty tight. so many of her recipes are available online — like this one for her enlightened miso power bowls — so i’m not sure it’s worth sacrificing the real estate on my shelf. first world problems amirite? anyway, i do love this meal. i make slightly less quinoa than she does (¾ cup instead of 1 full cup), plus i slice and roast two small sweet potatoes instead of one, but other than that, everything stays the same. love love love this dressing!

i’m thinking it’s time to book a campsite and prepare to roast the sausages for these grilled bratwurst subs with tomato jam & sauerkraut by the fire!  how good would that be? gah! so good! if you are thinking sauerkraut is gross-o, you are incorrect — this is cumin-spiced sauerkraut and complements the sandwich perfectly. that said, the real star is the tomato jam i.e. homemade ketchup, which is why i always make a double batch of the stuff. oh no, not for leftovers; we use it all up on the subs. so good.

does anyone have a proper pad thai recipe they can send me? i’ve been making this one, with chicken and shrimp, for a few years now — and it is tasty, but it doesn’t taste very authentic. i’m thinking there should be some fish sauce in there, no? that said, it is insanely quick and easy to make.

so it turns out it’s been four years since i last made this grilled chicken with curried quinoa, spinach and mango salad! wth?? it’s so good! the base of this salad is quinoa with diced mango & toasted almond slivers, tossed in a curried shallot vinaigrette, then topped with a layer of fresh spinach (from my garden yo) and then sliced grilled chicken breast and more shallot vinaigrette drizzled on top. it’s actually supposed to be couscous but i substitute quinoa just to make it a tad healthier altho next time i will add a teaspoon or so of additional curry powder to the quinoa when it’s cooking just to give it a more pronounced curry flavour — you couldn’t really taste it, even tho this salad was delicious.

i joined the food52 cookbook club a month or so ago but, until this week, haven’t participated (altho i did drool along with what people were cooking from diana henry’s simple cookbook, which i have added to my amazon wish list!) for the month of june, participants are invited to cook from any of the ottolenghi cookbooks — i’ve got three of the five and, even though i love them, i’ve only made about a handful of their recipes so i welcome the nudge!

cauli.jpgmy first submission was the cauliflower and cumin fritters with lime yogurt sauce and cucumber & poppy seed salad from ottolenghi: the cookbook, plus the sweet potato wedges from plenty. i’d not made any of these recipes before and dang, were they delicious!!

my cauliflower fritters were thicker than what is pictured in the cookbook so i was concerned they might not have cooked properly, but i was wrong — they were delicious! i also wondered about the amount of cauliflower i used; the recipe calls for “1 small cauliflower, about 230g.” well, my small cauliflower weighed more than twice that! so glad i have a scale or i woulda put the whole thing in, altho i’m not actually sure if that would have affected it negatively or not. the lime yogurt sauce on its own was no big deal but it paired perfectly with the fritters. started thinking about imaginary future dinner parties and what else i could serve with these!

cuke.jpgthe cucumber salad was unusual but very tasty! cucumbers, chili peppers, poppyseeds and a sweet & sour vinaigrette — it definitely works! crisp and refreshing! i used one thai bird’s eye chili cos those and jalapeños are the only kinds i ever buy and i know i won’t burn my mouth off with them. next time i make this i’ll do the research and find a larger, yet mild, red chili pepper.

yams.jpgi made the sweet potato wedges from plenty based on another member’s advice and it was the perfect compliment! i bought all the ingredients to make the lemongrass creme fraiche sauce to go with, but then figured the lime yogurt sauce would be enough. the wedges were so tasty tho — just a sprinkling of ground coriander and flakey sea salt to season — they don’t even need a sauce! all in all, a great meal and i look forward to making more and more ottolenghi recipes in the next three weeks!

the last meal i made this week is a favourite here. arugula and black bean tacos with pickled onions and feta. the actual recipe is for pickled radishes and they are good but we prefer the onions (also they’re way easier; slicing radishes is a pain). the black beans are cooked with onions and cumin and then loaded into small tortillas with sliced avocado, crumbled feta, the aforementioned pickled onions and a small handful of arugula that has been tossed in a jalapeño vinaigrette. delightful and delicious!

okay so that was a full week of delicious food!


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