week 40

FRIDAY laurie’s birthday
SATURDAY date night
SUNDAY shrimp rolls
MONDAY moroccan spiced chickpea glow bowl
TUESDAY japanese-style grilled teriyaki chicken tuna bowl
WEDNESDAY date night 2.0
THURSDAY falafel burgers + greek salad

okay so i wasn’t tasked with a lot of cooking last week… two date nights in one week?? don’t worry, there will be no date night this coming week; we had two concerts to go to this past week and it just made sense to eat out. vancouver friends, check out fayuca in yaletown — so good!!

anyway, first up on the docket were these shrimp rolls. i’d made them once before and was underwhelmed, shall we say, but i think it had to do with the buns i’d chosen (recipe calls for potato buns but i can’t find those in these parts so last time went with portuguese buns — big mistake!) this time i used brioche hot dog buns and wow, what a difference! we each ate two 😬  i steamed the shrimp rather than boiled them but then everything else was the same: a bit of mayo, chopped celery & scallions, plus dill, horseradish, lemon, red wine vinegar and paprika. yum! and i stuffed some greens from my garden in there cos i was too lazy to make a salad.

this meal i’ve also made before and i love love love it! moroccan-spiced chickpea glow bowls from pinch of yum who is one of my fave food bloggers/recipe creators. holy wow! this is so tasty. also, vegetarian and, if you skip the dollop of yogurt, vegan and dairy-free too! chickpeas simmered in spiced fire-roasted diced tomatoes, and served with chopped cucumber, hummus (i had some leftover from when i made the big vegan bowl a few weeks ago), and the trinity of herbs: cilantro, flat leaf parsley and mint — you can do one but it’s so good with all three. her recipe is very flexible to suit so one change i made was to serve it on quinoa cooked in veggie broth rather than couscous, altho obviously couscous would be more moroccan-y. shoved some greens in there again and skipped the pita chips. hey that makes it gluten-free, too, no?? we find this serves 4 people, not 6. it’s pretty clear by now we’re pigs.

gah! another amazing meal! loved this japanese-style grilled teriyaki chicken bowl when i made it a couple months ago. my plan was to swap out the rice for rice noodles cos it’s been summer-weather here lately and summer equals rice noodles. but then i realised we didn’t have any chicken thighs on hand as we neglected to go to the farmers market last weekend. luckily i had some albacore tuna in the freezer… hello improvisation! i marinated the tuna tuesday morning as per the recipe in the easiest of marinades (soy, mirin, ginger) and then, that night, seared it in a hot pan rather than grilling as you would with the chicken. i switched back to serving it with rice, because tuna on rice makes more sense to me than tuna on noodles, along with the delicious cucumber ribbon salad. crikey!! flavour city! i still plan on making the chicken-rice noodle version this summer but was thrilled to discover how versatile this recipe is!

last up are cauliflower falafel veggie burgers… this is another one where i wasn’t super in love with the end result the last time i made it (pic above). sure, the falafel patties themselves were yummo, but i found eating them as burgers to be too heavy. again, the bun was the culprit! i went with a whole wheat bun last time but this time: brioche hamburger bun! it’s all about the brioche buns — they’re like little clouds of loveliness (also leftover buns make for amazing bread & butter pudding!!) anyway, i happened to have a couple falafel patties in my freezer from the last time so this was an insanely easy meal. just had to make a quick greek salad to go with.

what a yummy week! and as we head into june, i’m going to be making some serious changes to the two months of meal plans i did up earlier. i recently joined the food52 cookbook club on facebook and for the month of june, members are cooking from any of the ottolenghi cookbooks. i’ve got three (ottolenghi, jerusalem, and nopi) and can’t wait to get started!


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