week 44

FRIDAY spinach artichoke lasagne
SATURDAY baguette with brie, tomato and cucumber
SUNDAY leek fritters + lentils with tomatoes
MONDAY shredded chicken & noodle salad
TUESDAY lemongrass chicken wraps
WEDNESDAY cauliflower & hazelnut salad + turkey & zucchini “burgers”
THURSDAY grilled fish tacos

it was a hot week last week — i’ve got the sunburn to prove it! made a few too many oven-centric recipes for my liking, altho they made up for it by being dang tasty.

this here spinach artichoke lasagne is basically my go-to. it’s in my top 10 list for sure! it also feels way healthier than normal lasagne. how can it not be? a huuuuge amount of spinach, a can of artichokes, a tub of cottage cheese (i got 1% but have defs done non-fat before), fresh marinara sauce, whole wheat noodles (she calls for the no-cook kind but i also buy the ones that need boiling) and a sprinkling or three of mozzarella. pair that with a kale salad and it’s the picture of health.
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week 43

FRIDAY date night!
SATURDAY panzanella with marinated chickpeas & chimichurri
SUNDAY father’s day
MONDAY cod sandwiches with wasabi & ginger
TUESDAY cauliflower cake + marinated pepper salad
WEDNESDAY lamb burgers with mini-feta pesto
THURSDAY sweet potato fritters + caramelised fennel + cucumber salad

the weather has taken a turn for the worse which makes these summer meals a tad depressing to make.

this salad is amazing! in two months, when my veggie garden is teeming with produce, i shall make this panzanella with marinated chickpeas & chimichurri again and brag to everyone within earshot. toss a can (or previously soaked and cooked) chickpeas with olive oil, garlic, red wine vinegar and herbs and let it sit for at least half an hour — i made it in the morning but the night before would be killer! add that to chunks of lightly toasted italian bread, lots of torn lettuce, wedges of tomato, and crumbled feta, along with a few spoonfuls of the homemade chimichurri (cilantro, parsley, oregano, garlic, evoo, etc) that took a minute to make in your food processor. i could eat this literally all day. all summer!
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week 42

FRIDAY date night
SATURDAY dinner at friends’
SUNDAY salmon with red pepper & hazelnut salsa + red quinoa & watercress salad
MONDAY grilled flank steak with cucumber-yogurt sauce
TUESDAY shrimp spring roll bowls with sweet garlic lime sauce
WEDNESDAY beef & lamb meatballs baked in tahini + kosheri + na’ama’s fattoush

salmonso first up this week is an ottolenghi meal… i’m really trying to participate in this food52 cookbook club so am aiming to prepare at least two recipes for each meal, which actually sounds harder than it is. the two dishes i made on sunday were salmon with red pepper & hazelnut salsa, from ottolenghi: the cookbook, and red quinoa & watercress salad, from nopi. both were incredibly straightforward to make and involved very little active cooking time. coincidentally, ingredients from both dishes required a similar amount of cooling/chilling time so it worked out perfectly. the only change i made was to the salad; i used arugula in place of watercress, only because the watercress in the shops (and even at the farmer’s market!) always looks old and wilty. and while the salmon was delightful, the salad was truly amazing! the slightly pickled shallots with a touch of sumac were next-level delicious!
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week 41

FRIDAY poached cod with potatoes & leeks
SATURDAY enlightened miso power bowls
SUNDAY grilled bratwurst sandwiches with tomato jam & sauerkraut
MONDAY pad thai with chicken & shrimp
TUESDAY grilled chicken with curried quinoa, spinach & mango
WEDNESDAY cauliflower and cumin fritters + sweet potato wedges + cucumber and poppy seed salad
THURSDAY arugula & black bean tacos with pickled onions & feta

lately i’ve been getting so excited about each week’s upcoming meals — this week is no exception! there are some winning recipes out there and luckily i’ve found a bunch of them!!

i could not wait to sit down for dinner on friday night! the first time i made this i was blown away by the flavours in this dish. never expected poached cod to be that big a deal – i was just looking for another way to cook fish tbh. but the leeks and the potatoes and that poaching liquid — oh my word. i do believe this is my favourite fish recipe right now. i’m already ready to have it again!
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week 40

FRIDAY laurie’s birthday
SATURDAY date night
SUNDAY shrimp rolls
MONDAY moroccan spiced chickpea glow bowl
TUESDAY japanese-style grilled teriyaki chicken tuna bowl
WEDNESDAY date night 2.0
THURSDAY falafel burgers + greek salad

okay so i wasn’t tasked with a lot of cooking last week… two date nights in one week?? don’t worry, there will be no date night this coming week; we had two concerts to go to this past week and it just made sense to eat out. vancouver friends, check out fayuca in yaletown — so good!!

anyway, first up on the docket were these shrimp rolls. i’d made them once before and was underwhelmed, shall we say, but i think it had to do with the buns i’d chosen (recipe calls for potato buns but i can’t find those in these parts so last time went with portuguese buns — big mistake!) this time i used brioche hot dog buns and wow, what a difference! we each ate two 😬  i steamed the shrimp rather than boiled them but then everything else was the same: a bit of mayo, chopped celery & scallions, plus dill, horseradish, lemon, red wine vinegar and paprika. yum! and i stuffed some greens from my garden in there cos i was too lazy to make a salad.
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