week 38

FRIDAY sheet pan chicken tikka
SATURDAY kale salad bowl with tahini
SUNDAY mother’s day
MONDAY steak & onion sandwich
TUESDAY black bean chili
WEDNESDAY chicken & bean enchiladas
THURSDAY coconut shrimp noodle bowls

this sheet pan chicken tikka is seriously one of my favourite meals. i was supposed to make this last week, but we had so much leftover pizza, it didn’t make sense to cook again. smitten kitchen is one of my favourite food bloggers/recipe creators so i had such high expectations the first time i made this — and i was not disappointed!! and the same can be said for this time around. first: it’s dead easy to make (sheet pan dinners ftw!); and second: unbelievably tasty! i used boneless skinless chicken thighs this time and we liked it much better that way. i just roasted the veg for about 20 or so mins and then added the chicken to the pan and continued roasting for another 20 or so more mins till the juices ran clear. also, i meant to double the spices (cos deb said she spices it appropriately for her little people but by all means go to town and double up) and i totally forgot but it was still deliciouuuuuus!!!

okay so this is another one of my husband’s most requested meals: the kale salad bowl with tahini. there is a lot going on here: kale (duh), roasted sweet potato, chickpeas, quinoa, feta, two different sauces/dressings. it does take a bit of time to make but it is quite tasty. i say only quite tasty because i’ve made it so often that i’m a wee bit sick of it. he still loves it tho. to death. the only change i make it to decrease the tahini sauce by half.

i’ve been on the lookout for the perfect steak sandwich recipe for aaaaaages. i used to always order them in restaurants too but the restaurants that serve them tend to serve greasy pub-style food (north american not uk — uk pub food, at least in my limited experience, is amazing!) and they were always so oily but then we stopped going to those kinds of restaurants. in my google searching one day, i happened upon a recipe for next level steak & onion sandwiches by none other than jamie oliver, whose personality can be rather grating but love of food is obviously apparent. i very much respect his passion to bring healthier food not only to uk schools but households everywhere. anyway, yay — a steak sarnie! finally! first time i made it, i followed the recipe as is and was sorely disappointed — the steak itself was tough and flavourless! but that’s what you get for using flank steak. flank steak needs to be marinated overnight, people! then it’s delicious! but you can’t just season it with s&p, cook it and eat, no way. it’s like leather. so now i get top sirloin steak which does the trick. but to be honest here, it’s the onions that steal the show tho — holy crap, they are tasty!! i am still on the lookout for the perfect bread to serve this in; this time i used a ciabatta loaf which is what it called for but jeepers, it was so crusty, it tore up the roof of my mouth! on a side note, someone from jamie’s food tube team regrammed my post on instagram and got me a bunch more followers so that was exciting!

hoo boy. i could seriously not shut up about how good this vegetarian black bean chili was. we even had it for dinner the next day and again, “omg, i can’t believe how much i love this!” part of it is because it’s so easy to make, but it truly is delicious. also it’s totally customisable — i added a jalapeño alongside the red peppers, plus i swapped out a can’s worth of black beans for kidney beans, for no reason really other than why not? last time i made it was with all black beans and it was equally delicious. (you could probably even add meat if chili without meat is just not chili to you.) this time i added some frozen corn to the mix too; it made it look tex-mexy altho i suppose chili is tex-mex anyway, right? and again, i served with smitten’s corn bread muffins, which kills me to say i don’t like, but that’s all me; the old guy loves them. i really wish i could get into corn bread but it’s just a flavour combo/concept my palette does not understand.

last meal this week was another really easy one — it’s like i’ve been on cooking vacay for most of this week! coconut shrimp noodle bowls. i actually forgot how quick and easy this one was, as it’s been a while since i made it. again, used to be on heavy rotation and then i got sick of it. you literally sear a pound of shrimp, remove said shrimp from pan, add remaining ingredients (coconut milk, chicken stock, garlic, ginger, fish sauce, hot sauce, scallions, cilantro, chopped yellow pepper, and your rice noodles) and bring to boil.  simmer 5 mins and your dinner is done! squeeze some lime on top, add the shrimps back in, sprinkle some more cilantro on top and voila!

skipped the chicken enchies this week cos of the aforementioned chili leftovers — did i mention how much i really liked the chili?


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