week 35

FRIDAY date night!
SATURDAY bangkok coconut curry noodle bowls
SUNDAY cheesy ham and potato soup
MONDAY lamb skewers + white bean salad with mint & red onion
TUESDAY pastitsio
WEDNESDAY salmon burgers with dill-tartar sauce
THURSDAY asian grilled chicken salad

love that we’re really ~finally~ getting into spring! it drives my son bonkers that i choose to cook seasonally (who wants roast beef in the middle of july?? he does apparently) but twice a year i find myself getting suuuuper excited about all the meals i plan to cook in the upcoming months. some big time faves made it into this week’s meal plan.

first up: bangkok coconut curry noodle bowls from pinch of yum. love love love this. full disclosure: i messed up this time around; i accidentally doubled the noodles (totes not lying) so added the optional veg stock which i thought might dilute the flavour but it absolutely did not. as i normally do, i swapped out a couple of her suggested veg for things i like better i.e. broccoli slaw for broccoli and blanched edamame for asparagus, and i defs used a full onion. you can pretty much put in whatever veg you fancy. you can’t call it vegetarian or vegan tho cos there is a bit of fish sauce in there.

this is a new recipe.  i had a bunch of ham to use up from last week’s easter dinner and found this cheesy ham and potato soup online. wow, what a pleasant surprise! so delish! and eeeeeeasy!! i will definitely make this every year. i topped the bowls with chives instead of scallions but only because i fancied chopping some from my herb garden.

one of my husband’s favourite meals is “steak salad” — he requests it whenever i ask for menu suggestions. it used to take me a while to figure out what he meant but now i know right away he means lamb skewers with arugula and lemon vinaigrette. i am not a massive lamb fan but this is a delight. totally marks the start of spring for me. altho i’ll typically make it again at the end of summer as we transition into cooler weather meals. the lamb pairs exceedingly well with this white bean salad with mint & red onion. i always use cannellini beans but this time thought i’d mix things up and use navy beans; the taste is not the same, so i’ll go back to using cannellini.

the old guy and i celebrated our 20th anniversary in greece coming up on three summers ago and it was on the island of santorini that i discovered pastitsio. why isn’t this more popular in north america? or is it? i can really only speak for vancouver; i’ve never seen it on a menu before. it’s a three layer casserole: pasta on the bottom, meat sauce in the middle and béchamel on top.  yummo altho, i must admit, the one piece i had in greece was just okay (a bit dry tbh); i knew i could find a better recipe online. and i think i did! fyi: ‘macaroni for pastitsio’ is just bucatini. mind blown when i figured that out. i actually used ziti in the above shot which was probs a bit too wide. and of course, this dish goes perfectly with a traditional greek salad.

last meal of the week: salmon burgers with dill tartar-sauce. another fave, and will probably get made a few times over the summer. super tasty and super easy! chop up a shallot and some capers in the food processor, then add some cubed salmon and pulse a few times. form into patties. pan fry. done. i swap out about half the mayo for greek yogurt in the tartar sauce and hoo boy is it tasty! i didn’t have any relish so just diced a dill pickle.

didn’t get to the asian grilled chicken salad cos we ate pastitsio two days in a row but next week i promise!


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