week 34 – easter

FRIDAY fresh pasta with marcella hazan’s tomato sauce with onion & butter
SATURDAY date night!
SUNDAY thyme-honey glazed ham, gruyère-crisped potatoes au gratin + roasted balsamic sweet potatoes
MONDAY leftovers
TUESDAY peanut-sesame slaw with soba noodles
WEDNESDAY pulled pork sammies
THURSDAY spicy beer braised lime chicken enchiladas

unfortunately did not have time to make fresh pasta on friday, altho it would have made such a difference! that said, marcella hazel’s tomato sauce with onion and butter is sooooo good, that we didn’t even notice. yes of course we noticed but the sauce is still ridiculously delicious. i’ve only made it a million times before with dried pasta, back when i didn’t own a pasta roller/cutter.

happy belated easter! this is a meal i really really want to love but i just don’t, and basically it all comes down to the ham. i am 99.9% sure i’m buying the wrong kind of ham. i used to get those small fully-cooked half hams, brush this insanely tasty glaze all over it and bang it in the oven, and sure it was good, but it was easily the worst part of easter dinner. (i’m all about the sides, baby!)

this year i decided to get one that looked like real meat. no bone or anything but maybe with a bit of fat for juiciness? and it was substantially bigger too. but was it better? no. that fat may have indeed made it juicier but there was also big streaks of gooey fat throughout and no thanks. suffice it to say, we consumed all the gruyère crisped potatoes au gratin as well as the roasted balsamic sweet potatoes but there’s still a huge chunk of ham in the fridge. [foreshadowing: cheesy ham & potato soup next week!]

this salad is easily in my top ten meals. i make this peanut-sesame slaw with soba noodles all the time, which probably equates to once every two months, which for me really is a lot. super simple: shredded red cabbage, brussels sprouts and carrots, combined with sliced scallions, udon noodles and the most delicious peanut butter dressing. i could drink this stuff. top with chopped peanuts and cilantro. great leftovers too.

i was sorta hoping the pulled pork sammies would last for two meals but alas, they did not. we scarfed them down for dinner, and then my daughter and i were lucky enough to scored one each for lunch next day. i sort of envision bottomless pulled pork every time i make this but it has yet to happen. the recipe was cobbled together from a few sources; i was inspired by the pioneer woman’s shredded pork altho she uses dr pepper instead of  rootbeer and what is that all about? and then because i can’t stand that fake smokey taste (looking at you, bacon with liquid smoke) i went looking for a sauce that was both sweet and sour. the only change to made to this vinegar and honey sauce is to swap out the balsamic for an equal mix of apple cider vinegar and red wine vinegar. i’ve tried a few different buns for this but keep coming back to plain ol’ whole wheat hamburger buns. pile the meat in, pour the sauce on, top with some thinly sliced dill pickle and a scoop of jamie oliver’s coleslaw and you are good to go! i made a half batch of the slaw and it was plenty. i always use red cabbage but you do you.

the last meal this week is one my daughter made for us a few years ago and we really liked it so i thought i’d give it a go. spicy beer braised chicken enchiladas. here’s the thing: i can’t stand beer. when my daughter made these i swear i couldn’t detect the beer; but when i made it? oh yes. maybe it cos it uses almost two bottles, one for the sauce and one for the chicken filling. i’ll say this: both my hubs and son very much enjoyed dinner. i am almost positive everyone else would too. i’m just a picky pants i guess.


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