week 33

FRIDAY bookclub
TUESDAY lentil & chickpea salad with feta & tahini + roasted cauliflower
WEDNESDAY matzo ball soup + salmon & whitefish cakes with horseradish-cucumber sauce
THURSDAY pulled pork sammies

pretty easy week for me!

first meal on the docket was one of my very faves! lentil & chickpea salad with feta & tahini. holy crapola, this is tasty! absolutely love all the flavours in this. it takes a wee bit of time but more so because i use dried beans so have to do the overnight soak thing. oh and the spice toasting and grinding thing, but the bonus is that it makes more than you need so extra spice mix for next time! roasted cauli is a perfect accompaniment to this dish altho i’m thinking i could probably stand to serve more veg with this meal, too.

i’m not sure if it’s sacrilegious to celebrate passover if you’re not jewish but i love trying the foods of different cultures; certainly not intending any disrespect. i’ve been making these particular dishes for a few years now. not sure what happened this time around but i wasn’t in love with either of them. i think my issue with the matzo ball soup was the chicken stock; i only get the low sodium kind now and i do believe it could have used a good sprinkling of salt. kosher obvs.

and who knows what the deal was with the fish cakes! they tasted smoky to me! and there is nothing in the ingredients that would indicate as such so i’m not sure what i did. if i had to guess, i think it was the fish; we’ve been buying locally sourced fish from farmers markets of late but as we were away on the weekend, i had to make do with the frozen selections at the grocery store. i went with salmon and cod — both of which i normally love — so who knows. the horseradish cuke sauce is delightful tho.

and that’s it! i know! no pulled pork? well i couldn’t find any pork leg (i prefer leg to shoulder/butt when slow cooking cos there’s so much less fat and it’s just as tender and juicy) in the shops and then all of a sudden it was thursday and i had nothing. my husband ended up hanging out with his bro and i had recently come into custody of a few cans of chef boyardee courtesy of our soon-to-expire earthquake kit. hello, dinner! (i only ate one can, i swear.)


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