week 35

FRIDAY date night!
SATURDAY bangkok coconut curry noodle bowls
SUNDAY cheesy ham and potato soup
MONDAY lamb skewers + white bean salad with mint & red onion
TUESDAY pastitsio
WEDNESDAY salmon burgers with dill-tartar sauce
THURSDAY asian grilled chicken salad

love that we’re really ~finally~ getting into spring! it drives my son bonkers that i choose to cook seasonally (who wants roast beef in the middle of july?? he does apparently) but twice a year i find myself getting suuuuper excited about all the meals i plan to cook in the upcoming months. some big time faves made it into this week’s meal plan.

first up: bangkok coconut curry noodle bowls from pinch of yum. love love love this. full disclosure: i messed up this time around; i accidentally doubled the noodles (totes not lying) so added the optional veg stock which i thought might dilute the flavour but it absolutely did not. as i normally do, i swapped out a couple of her suggested veg for things i like better i.e. broccoli slaw for broccoli and blanched edamame for asparagus, and i defs used a full onion. you can pretty much put in whatever veg you fancy. you can’t call it vegetarian or vegan tho cos there is a bit of fish sauce in there.
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week 34 – easter

FRIDAY fresh pasta with marcella hazan’s tomato sauce with onion & butter
SATURDAY date night!
SUNDAY thyme-honey glazed ham, gruyère-crisped potatoes au gratin + roasted balsamic sweet potatoes
MONDAY leftovers
TUESDAY peanut-sesame slaw with soba noodles
WEDNESDAY pulled pork sammies
THURSDAY spicy beer braised lime chicken enchiladas

unfortunately did not have time to make fresh pasta on friday, altho it would have made such a difference! that said, marcella hazel’s tomato sauce with onion and butter is sooooo good, that we didn’t even notice. yes of course we noticed but the sauce is still ridiculously delicious. i’ve only made it a million times before with dried pasta, back when i didn’t own a pasta roller/cutter.
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week 33

FRIDAY bookclub
TUESDAY lentil & chickpea salad with feta & tahini + roasted cauliflower
WEDNESDAY matzo ball soup + salmon & whitefish cakes with horseradish-cucumber sauce
THURSDAY pulled pork sammies

pretty easy week for me!

first meal on the docket was one of my very faves! lentil & chickpea salad with feta & tahini. holy crapola, this is tasty! absolutely love all the flavours in this. it takes a wee bit of time but more so because i use dried beans so have to do the overnight soak thing. oh and the spice toasting and grinding thing, but the bonus is that it makes more than you need so extra spice mix for next time! roasted cauli is a perfect accompaniment to this dish altho i’m thinking i could probably stand to serve more veg with this meal, too.
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week 32

FRIDAY 🎂 tuscan chicken
SATURDAY spiced samosa patties
SUNDAY bbq at friends
MONDAY crispy fish with lemon-dill sauce
TUESDAY turkish kofta platter
WEDNESDAY cowgirl salad
THURSDAY sweet potato, spinach & quinoa salad

well happy birthday to me! my lovely husband makes me the BEST DINNER EVER every year on my birthday — i’m a lucky girl.

right??? i’m not kidding; this is my favourite meal. if i could find it at a restaurant i would get it each and every time. tuscan chicken: parmesan & basil “crusted” chicken fillets, topped with capers, lemon aioli, and more parm, on a bed of fresh spinach. plus! intensely flavourful tomato confit on a toasted baguette to go with. apparently it is from a restaurant, the tasting room in omaha, nebraska according to the january 2009 copy of bon appetit magazine. so next time i’m in omaha…. unfortunately bon appetit doesn’t have the recipe on their website in their archives but it can be found here. hubs has made a few changes over the years — he uses 4 eggs now, and also strongly recommends you cook the chicken in a non-stick pan. trust. as well as four 4-inch pieces of baguette (there’s so much confit, two is just not enough!) oh and this year he used one 28-oz can of san marzano tomatoes and oof it was tasty. altho it’s always tasty so it’s hard to say if that actually made a difference. man alive, best meal ever.
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