week 31

FRIDAY date night in
SATURDAY hoisin salmon & sesame soba noodle bowls
SUNDAY meatball subs with gruyere and caramelised onions
MONDAY dinner out
TUESDAY sweet potato, spinach & quinoa salad
WEDNESDAY bday dinner out
THURSDAY chicken mole tacos

so this week sucked. my husband lost a long time employee late last week and we were all thrown for a loop.  very young guy, very unexpected death. suffice it to say, i didn’t much feel like cooking or eating for that matter. coupled with the fact my husband’s work got coincidentally really busy and he wasn’t home to eat much. also it was my birthday. i ended up cooking twice.

i’d made this before and for whatever reason, the recipe really annoyed me even tho recipe itself — hoisin salmon & sesame soba noodle bowls — was super appealing. does that make sense? i had decided that there were too many ingredients in the dressing whose flavours cancelled each other out; i found the salmon caramelisation tedious. i guess i was in a bad mood when i made it last time. cos this time? hello! sure i decreased the sesame oil cos six tablespoons is a lot (i went with two) but otherwise i made the dressing as is. and i did simplify the salmon process too; i slathered on the hoisin, sprinkled some raw sugar on top and then broiled it. easy peasy. and okay, i roasted cauliflower with the brussels instead of broccoli cos i can’t stand broccoli. but that doesn’t count. this noodle bowl is delicious!! jam-packed with flavour! i need to time my veg roasting better next time cos my brussels were perfect but the caulis coulda handled a bit more roastiness.

the other meal i made was just last night… meatball subs with gruyere and caramelised onions. i love anything with caramelised onions; i could eat a bowl of them just on their own. but when they’re included in a sandwich?? yessssss! this is probably why i’m continuously on the hunt for the world’s best steak sammie… also, meatballs are a dish my mum never made so i’m a little enthusiastic about those too. also also, this is a smitten recipe sooooo… three for three. win win (win). fyi: i used a big can of san marzano tomatoes instead of tomato sauce and while it took longer to simmer down, it was just as delicious.

hoping next week is a better week all around.


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