week 29

FRIDAY date night!
SATURDAY ginger beef salad with miso vinaigrette + soba noodles
SUNDAY rice & lentil curry bowls with cilantro cashew sauce
MONDAY 15 min lo mein

didn’t have a lot of meals to cook this week — we went on a mini break over to tofino! love it there. didn’t get to do any storm watching but it was still gorgeous!

started off our very short week with a meal i first made way back when i was doing the two week test to see if i had any carbohydrate intolerance (nope!) and this was one (if not the only) of the new meals that stuck. ginger beef salad with miso vinaigrette. i added some sesame soba noodles cos… noodles! the steak looks raw in the pic but it was just very rare (a little too rare for my liking tbh). very quick and easy to make: a simple salad with an asian-y dressing, topped with pan seared steak. i also used sirloin rather than flank steak but flank steak sucks unless you marinate it over night and this recipe just calls for a ginger/garlic rub (which is delicious!!)

this is one of my favourite curries to make eat: rice & lentil curry bowls with cilantro cashew sauce. it’s similar to her red lentil curry but if feels like the dinner party version. hello, roasted carrots! hello, cilantro cashew sauce! omg that sauce is ridiculous!!  so tasty!! all the flavours meld together so well. truly delicious meal.

hoo boy, another pinch of yum meal! 15 minute lo mein. this reminds me a lot of the chow mein you’d get at the food fair, obvs without all the msg, copious amounts of oil, and slimy vegetables. i don’t know if it’s cheating but i bought a bag of broccoli slaw and used that, plus some extra julienned carrots and a sliced onion and threw in some blanched edamame, cos what else says chinese noodles like japanese soy beans? it worked.

and then we went away for the rest of the week… i did start corning my brisket tho in prep for st paddy’s day next week ☘️


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