week 28

FRIDAY turkey lettuce wraps
SATURDAY date night
SUNDAY black bean chili + cornbread
MONDAY shrimp & grits + arugula salad
TUESDAY salmon & potato salad with horseradish yogurt
WEDNESDAY potatoes & chorizo + kale salad
THURSDAY marinated lentils & hummus

so these meals are supposed to feel less wintery and more spring-like. yes? i’ve got a few cross-overs in there (chili & grits, i suppose) but otherwise spring has sprung. just don’t look outside.

i used to make these all the time when the kids were little, but i can’t remember the last time. not sure why this recipe card caught my eye this time around but i’m glad it did. so tasty!! i don’t even know where i got the recipe; it was long before i owned a computer. i did a search but came up empty so who knows its origins. it’s quick and easy to make; the hardest part is fighting with the damned iceberg lettuces, trying to get them to separate into “shells.” pro tip: buy two. fyi, you can also use ground chicken as i did this time cos that’s what was in my freezer.

turkey lettuce wraps

1 Tbsp oil
1 lb ground turkey
4 scallions, sliced
2 large cloves garlic, minced
1 8-oz can water chestnuts, chopped
4 carrots, grated
3 Tbsp dry sherry
3 Tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp grated ginger
¼ tsp ground pepper
2 tsp cornstarch
½ cup chicken stock
hoisin sauce
iceberg lettuce
chopped dry roasted peanuts

in a large skillet, cook turkey, scallions & garlic until no longer pink (approx 5-7 minutes)

add water chestnuts & carrots and cook for 3-4 minutes

add sherry, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger & pepper and mix well

stir together cornstarch and chicken broth; add to skillet, stirring well until boiling and thickened

to serve, spoon a little hoisin sauce on a lettuce leaf; top with turkey mixture then sprinkle on chopped nuts and roll up.

i’ll be honest: i wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this vegetarian black bean chili recipe but boy, was i pleasantly surprised! i loved it!! so many of the reviewers gave it a thumbs up but also said they used it as a base and made loads of substitutions/additions. i’ve recently decided to just cook a brand-new recipe as is — no changes (unless of course there’s something gross in there like mushrooms!), and this recipe, as is, is delicious and flavourful and all those things you want in a simple recipe. maybe next i’ll swap out some of the black beans for a kidney or pinto, or maybe i’ll add corn. or maybe not.

also do you see those corn muffins up there? apparently they’re good. quite good actually. i just don’t think i’m a cornbread person. i’ve tried it a bunch of times — in restaurants, homemade — but i just don’t think it’s my thang. bottom line: i don’t get it. corn + bread = huh? and hey, these are smitten corn muffins; i love every recipe i’ve made of hers! she’s my go-to! and don’t get me wrong; these aren’t even remotely disgusting or anything. just: why?? i don’t get it. my husband really liked them.

hey so after looking for aaaaages, i finally found a bag of white corn grits!  geesh tho, that was too much like work. what gives, stores? hence why shrimp and grits made another appearance in the meal plan. grits are pretty much exactly the same as polenta. and these here grits are cheesy as all hell. all the cheese! everything about this recipe is tasty: grits, shrimps, chorizo (yeah i know: breaking my new rule; i swapped out the andouille sausage for chorizo before andouille sausage tastes like an ashtray) but i hafta say, all together it’s a super heavy meal. i’m not sure if it should be a starter or what. but a full serving for dinner is crazy. and i served a big kale salad with it too. maybe it needed a bunch of veg on the side. smaller serving size and loads of veg. sorted.

so many new recipes this week! i’m always on the look out for new and different ways to cook fish so even though this isn’t exactly a unique way to do salmon, it was definitely interesting. and boy was it yummy!! salmon & potato salad with horseradish yogurt. i’ve never served salmon with caraway before and hello, tasty!! i’ve also never slow-roasted salmon before. plus, fresh horseradish yogurt! i’d change up the dressing for the potatoes next time: less oil, more vinegar but otherwise this was a terrific meal and one i will absolutely make again.

oh man, we seriously love this dish. it’s actually supposed to be served as part of a larger tapas menu but i make it as an entree and we go to town!  i’ve also made loads of changes to this recipe so it doesn’t much resemble the original anymore. i call it potatoes with onions and chorizo. i do 3lbs of halved baby potatoes, ¼ c evoo, no jalepenos or bell peppers, 2 med-large onions, a full pound of chorizo sausage and ¼ c chicken stock + ¼ c sherry in lieu of the white wine. also, my word! the first paragraph of instructions? most complicated way of saying cut potatoes into 1.5″ cubes i’ve ever read.

last meal for the week and it was a goody!! i loooove lentils and this might be my new fave way of eating them. the best marinated lentils from oh she glows’ everyday. i don’t have this cookbook but found the recipe on the first mess website. obvs we had this for dinner but how clever would it be to cook up a big batch (maybe double?) and eat it all week for lunch?? yummorama! i took the her advice and substituted slow roasted tomatoes instead of sun dried tomatoes as called for and holy crap, it was amazing! i’ve been making smitten’s slow roasted tomatoes a lot these past few months (basically since i discovered her recipe), just for omelettes etc and they were perfect mixed in with the lentils. also served some sliced cuke, yellow pepper and red onion alongside, with a big dollop of hummus. oof! delicious! wish i’d made more!

and that’s it for the week! next one is a short one cos we’re going away for a few days — wheeee!!!


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