9 weeks of meal plans for march & april

oh boy have i ever had enough of this winter. normally i am all about the snow but not this year; we’ve had sooo much! it’s march for crying out loud — enough already!! so while i very much enjoyed an unusually long season of comfort food, i am more than ready for some spring eating! bring on the lighter fare! so without further ado, here is what i’m planning on cooking for dinner in the next two months.


note: meals marked with an * are recipes i’m trying out for the first time

FRIDAY turkey lettuce wraps
SATURDAY date night!
SUNDAY black bean chili* + cornbread
MONDAY potatoes & chorizo + kale salad
TUESDAY shrimp & grits* + arugula salad
WEDNESDAY marinated lentils* & hummus
THURSDAY salmon & potato salad with horseradish yogurt*

FRIDAY 15 min lo mein
SATURDAY garlic basil fish skillet with tomato butter sauce
SUNDAY ginger beef salad with miso vinaigrette + soba noodles
MONDAY rice & lentil curry bowls with cilantro cashew sauce

FRIDAY corned beef* & carrots with marmalade-whiskey glaze + champ
SATURDAY date night!
SUNDAY cubanos
MONDAY roasted cauliflower, freekeh & garlicky tahini sauce
TUESDAY singapore chicken
WEDNESDAY halibut & yam fries
THURSDAY rebar salad

FRIDAY date night!
SATURDAY chicken mole tacos
SUNDAY hoisin salmon & sesame soba noodle bowls
MONDAY meatball subs with gruyere and caramelised onions
TUESDAY sweet potato, spinach & quinoa salad
WEDNESDAY tuscan chicken
THURSDAY vegan meatballs*

FRIDAY date night!
SATURDAY crispy fish with lemon-dill sauce
SUNDAY turkish kofta platter
MONDAY spiced samosa patties*
TUESDAY cowgirl salad
WEDNESDAY pasta with avocado sauce & garlic shrimp
THURSDAY kale salad bowl with tahini

FRIDAY steak + arugula, cherry & wild rice salad
MONDAY matzo ball soup + salmon & whitefish cakes with horseradish-cucumber sauce
TUESDAY lentil & chickpea salad with feta & tahini + roasted cauliflower
WEDNESDAY pulled pork sammies
THURSDAY spinach artichoke lasagne

FRIDAY peanut-sesame slaw with soba noodles
SATURDAY date night!
SUNDAY thyme-honey glazed ham + gruyere crisped potatoes au gratin
MONDAY leftovers
TUESDAY fresh pasta with marcella hazan’s tomato sauce with onion & butter
WEDNESDAY spicy beer braised lime chicken enchiladas
THURSDAY ahi tuna poke

FRIDAY date night!
SATURDAY lamb skewers + white bean salad with mint & red onion
SUNDAY salmon burgers + fingerling potato salad
MONDAY asian grilled chicken salad
TUESDAY bangkok curry noodle bowls
WEDNESDAY pastitsio
THURSDAY rebar quesadillas

FRIDAY date night!
SATURDAY arugula salad with turmeric chickpea cakes
SUNDAY seared halibut & gazpacho salsa with tomato vinaigrette*
MONDAY greek meatballs
TUESDAY grilled chicken with curried quinoa, spinach & mango
WEDNESDAY tuscan pizza & white pizza with lemony greens
THURSDAY rebar almond burgers

it’s been a while since we’ve had the majority of these dishes so i’m looking forward to both making them and eating them!


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