week 27

FRIDAY beef dip
SATURDAY dynamite shrimp sushi bowls
SUNDAY oscars party: sliders
MONDAY rice & lentil curry bowls with cilantro cashew sauce
TUESDAY big vegan bowl
WEDNESDAY adult spaghettiOs
THURSDAY teriyaki chicken bowls

what’s with all the bowl meals this week? it wasn’t intentional altho it certainly wasn’t the worst thing in the world! bowl foods are comfort foods and with all this snow and now rain we’ve been having, i am all about the comfort foods. that said, i am more than ready for the sunshine.

i made a massive roast beef with all the trimmings the week before and still had some leftovers (beef, but no trimmings) so obviously it was the perfect night for beef dip! i’ve made this in the past using deli roast beef and it’s still very tasty. but when you’re using your own leftover roast beef, it means there’s gravy too. pro tip: add whatever gravy you’ve got left to the can of consommé for dipping and my word it will be the best beef dip you’ve ever had! and you need caramelised onions too, or why even bother.

tried out another new recipe on saturday night. i needed something quick and easy to make and this fit the bill: dynamite shrimp sushi bowls. lindsay calls for tofu in her recipe but i’m not a tofu girl — and aren’t dynamite rolls made with shrimp anyway? i did reduce the soy sauce by half to marinate the shrimp but then followed the rest of her guidelines… i did brown sticky rice, tossed with a rice vinegar-sugar-salt mixture to make it more like sushi rice, plus julienned carrots & cuke, and sliced avo, plus sesame seeds sprinkled all over. unfortunately i had zero greens in the house, nor did i have pickled ginger — i was going to grab a bottle from the store but every bottle i looked at had a big label that said “with aspartame.” no thanks! it didn’t need it either; plenty flavourful without. i did mix some wasabi paste into a bit of soy sauce for drizzling over top, but didn’t bother with the sriracha mayo. it was very yummy!

sunday night was oscars night. we’re big movie watchers in this house and even though i think it’s beyond a little silly to pile so many accolades onto the people who make and star in these movies, we watch every year and try to see as many of the nominated films as we can beforehand. this year, i thought it would be fun to invite our friends over to watch with us. among other things, i made sliders for dinner: traditional beef sliders, with bacon, lettuce, cheddar and tomato; as well as some turkey sliders, with caramelised onion, havarti and mango chutney. yes there are a bunch of hamburger recipes on the web but i keep it super simple and just add garlic, minced onion/scallions, and salt & pepper; mix it all together and form into patties. normally i barbecue my burgers, but it was way too cold and wet that night, so i opted to broil them instead. and if you can find brioche slider buns like i did? win win!

we had so many leftover sliders, we enjoyed them two nights in a row (sorry, lentil curry bowls). on tuesday, i made an old fave, one of the first meals i made fairly regularly back when we started introducing more plant-based meals into our diet: the appropriately named big vegan bowl by oh she glows. i don’t include the roasted chickpeas anymore, simply cos quite frankly neither of us love roasted chickpeas. put ’em in hummus or falafel or a curry and we’re there, but we both find them rather dry in their roasted form. to compensate, i roast more sweet potatoes instead! wheeee! looooove roasted sweet potatoes! it does take a bit of prep (roasting the sweet potatoes, making the hummus, cooking the quinoa) but it’s so worth it! for meals like this, it’s all about the components! when everything comes together in your bowl, hello yum!!

so this one you need to use your imagination for. totally spaced on taking a pic and didn’t even realise until it had long been devoured. i found this recipe for “adult” spaghettiOs  thru pinterest months ago and wanted to make it right away. not that i’ve ever had spaghettiOs before; i was more of a mini ravioli girl. but still — exciting! unfortunately, i had some issues finding the ditalini (pictured above; hubs finally found it at an italian market – yay!) and a couple times, it got bumped from my plan *gasp!* but i finally made in on wednesday and boy, it was worth the wait! sooo tasty! the little meatballs are so flavourful! and the sauce is nothing to sneeze at either. when i make this again, and i most certainly will, i will simmer the sauce for waaaayyy longer. and i won’t bother blitzing the tomatoes in the food processor ahead of time; i’ll just slow simmer them a la marcella hazan, letting them break apart and get all thick. ooof! so good!

last meal of the week is another winner: grilled japanese farm style teriyaki bowls. these were insanely delightful. my son, who only occasionally eats with us now, practically choked cos he was eating so fast, it was so good. the chicken marinade is super simple (soy, mirin, ginger; that’s it!) but super tasty! it’d been pouring all week and i’m not going to stand outside bbq’ing in the rain, so once again i turned to my trusty broiler. i sushi-fied the rice for this meal too altho i’m not sure i needed to cos the dressing on the ridiculously refreshing cucumber ribbon salad was similar and there was plenty. i’m also thinking that in the summer time, i’ll make this with rice noodles instead of rice.  how good would that be?!?

and now it’s time for another round of meal plans. i’m thinking warmer weather meals… or at least sunnier weather meals ☀️😎☀️


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