week 31

FRIDAY date night in
SATURDAY hoisin salmon & sesame soba noodle bowls
SUNDAY meatball subs with gruyere and caramelised onions
MONDAY dinner out
TUESDAY sweet potato, spinach & quinoa salad
WEDNESDAY bday dinner out
THURSDAY chicken mole tacos

so this week sucked. my husband lost a long time employee late last week and we were all thrown for a loop.  very young guy, very unexpected death. suffice it to say, i didn’t much feel like cooking or eating for that matter. coupled with the fact my husband’s work got coincidentally really busy and he wasn’t home to eat much. also it was my birthday. i ended up cooking twice.

i’d made this before and for whatever reason, the recipe really annoyed me even tho recipe itself — hoisin salmon & sesame soba noodle bowls — was super appealing. does that make sense? i had decided that there were too many ingredients in the dressing whose flavours cancelled each other out; i found the salmon caramelisation tedious. i guess i was in a bad mood when i made it last time. cos this time? hello! sure i decreased the sesame oil cos six tablespoons is a lot (i went with two) but otherwise i made the dressing as is. and i did simplify the salmon process too; i slathered on the hoisin, sprinkled some raw sugar on top and then broiled it. easy peasy. and okay, i roasted cauliflower with the brussels instead of broccoli cos i can’t stand broccoli. but that doesn’t count. this noodle bowl is delicious!! jam-packed with flavour! i need to time my veg roasting better next time cos my brussels were perfect but the caulis coulda handled a bit more roastiness.
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week 30

FRIDAY corned beef & carrots with marmalade-whiskey glaze + champ
SATURDAY leftovers
SUNDAY cubanos
MONDAY roasted cauliflower, freekeh & garlicky tahini sauce
TUESDAY singapore chicken
WEDNESDAY halibut & yam fries
THURSDAY rebar salad

it’s st paddy’s day! or it was, a week ago. we’ve no irish blood in our family and until a couple years ago would not have considered us big beer drinkers (i’m still not but my hubs and daughter are well enamoured with the local craft brewery scene and therefore do partake) but boy do we celebrate! cue the sinéad, my bloody valentine and cranberries (the band not the fruit)!

so for the past i don’t know how many years I’ve been making this delightful corned beef & carrots with marmalade-whiskey glaze for st patrick’s day altho this year, i decided to corn (cure) my own beef! following david lebovitz’s method, i made the brine and set it sit in the fridge for just over a week. it didn’t look very pink (even tho i found the proper pink curing salt) but lo and behold, once cooked, pink it was!
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week 29

FRIDAY date night!
SATURDAY ginger beef salad with miso vinaigrette + soba noodles
SUNDAY rice & lentil curry bowls with cilantro cashew sauce
MONDAY 15 min lo mein

didn’t have a lot of meals to cook this week — we went on a mini break over to tofino! love it there. didn’t get to do any storm watching but it was still gorgeous!

started off our very short week with a meal i first made way back when i was doing the two week test to see if i had any carbohydrate intolerance (nope!) and this was one (if not the only) of the new meals that stuck. ginger beef salad with miso vinaigrette. i added some sesame soba noodles cos… noodles! the steak looks raw in the pic but it was just very rare (a little too rare for my liking tbh). very quick and easy to make: a simple salad with an asian-y dressing, topped with pan seared steak. i also used sirloin rather than flank steak but flank steak sucks unless you marinate it over night and this recipe just calls for a ginger/garlic rub (which is delicious!!)
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week 28

FRIDAY turkey lettuce wraps
SATURDAY date night
SUNDAY black bean chili + cornbread
MONDAY shrimp & grits + arugula salad
TUESDAY salmon & potato salad with horseradish yogurt
WEDNESDAY potatoes & chorizo + kale salad
THURSDAY marinated lentils & hummus

so these meals are supposed to feel less wintery and more spring-like. yes? i’ve got a few cross-overs in there (chili & grits, i suppose) but otherwise spring has sprung. just don’t look outside.

i used to make these all the time when the kids were little, but i can’t remember the last time. not sure why this recipe card caught my eye this time around but i’m glad it did. so tasty!! i don’t even know where i got the recipe; it was long before i owned a computer. i did a search but came up empty so who knows its origins. it’s quick and easy to make; the hardest part is fighting with the damned iceberg lettuces, trying to get them to separate into “shells.” pro tip: buy two. fyi, you can also use ground chicken as i did this time cos that’s what was in my freezer.
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9 weeks of meal plans for march & april

oh boy have i ever had enough of this winter. normally i am all about the snow but not this year; we’ve had sooo much! it’s march for crying out loud — enough already!! so while i very much enjoyed an unusually long season of comfort food, i am more than ready for some spring eating! bring on the lighter fare! so without further ado, here is what i’m planning on cooking for dinner in the next two months.

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week 27

FRIDAY beef dip
SATURDAY dynamite shrimp sushi bowls
SUNDAY oscars party: sliders
MONDAY rice & lentil curry bowls with cilantro cashew sauce
TUESDAY big vegan bowl
WEDNESDAY adult spaghettiOs
THURSDAY teriyaki chicken bowls

what’s with all the bowl meals this week? it wasn’t intentional altho it certainly wasn’t the worst thing in the world! bowl foods are comfort foods and with all this snow and now rain we’ve been having, i am all about the comfort foods. that said, i am more than ready for the sunshine.

i made a massive roast beef with all the trimmings the week before and still had some leftovers (beef, but no trimmings) so obviously it was the perfect night for beef dip! i’ve made this in the past using deli roast beef and it’s still very tasty. but when you’re using your own leftover roast beef, it means there’s gravy too. pro tip: add whatever gravy you’ve got left to the can of consommé for dipping and my word it will be the best beef dip you’ve ever had! and you need caramelised onions too, or why even bother.
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