week 25

FRIDAY falafel salad
SATURDAY date night
SUNDAY korean beef b’siniyah
MONDAY shrimp scampi pasta
TUESDAY ❤️ lasagne bolognese
WEDNESDAY palak paneer + chickpea salad
THURSDAY salmon with horseradish potatoes

only managed to cook four of the six meals slotted in this week. my husband whisked me away to vancouver island for the weekend so say goodbye to the korean beef (this is not the first time this meal has gotten bumped — i have got to make this one day!)

first up: falafel salad. i enjoy this immensely. these are baked, rather than fried, falafel. so… healthy! esp when served on a top a bed of greens with a quick greek salad and some tahini sauce amirite? plus they’re dead easy to make; you blend everything up in the food processor, form them into little patties (i might actually try shaping them as meatballs next time), and then bake in the oven. i didn’t even bother oiling the pan — no need!

whenever I’m scrolling thru pinterest, there are always a few recipes that catch my eye… shrimp scampi pasta is one of those.  (the rest are almost anything involving chocolate.) i’ve tried a few recipes before but always find them wanting. not this one! admittedly it is rather rich (olive oil, butter, pasta) but serve it with a salad and it balances it out perfectly.

so this is a recipe i’ve been wanting to make for ages! i’ve not made my regular meat lasagne for some time now as quite frankly, and to the chagrin of my son, i just got sick of it. lately i’ve been all about vegetarian lasagne, or chicken pesto lasagne.  but as soon as i stumbled upon smitten kitchen’s recipe for lasagne bolognese, i knew i’d have to make it. and then of course, now that i’m the proud owner of a pasta roller, i can actually do this recipe justice! not only is this an amazing recipe, it was fun to make together for valentine’s day. she recommends taking two days to make everything so i made the bolognese on monday and then on tuesday made the pasta dough and béchamel, and then my husband and i rolled out the pasta sheets together. i cooked the pasta while he assembled the dish — what a team we are! i’m telling you this is the best traditional lasagne i’ve ever had. and it might even be better the next day! the only thing that gave me trouble was the sauce; she says it should yield enough for two lasagnes (i.e. freeze half for another use) but i got maybe three quarters of what i should have. did i simmer too long? i’m thinking maybe i didn’t add enough water initially. whatever it was, it didn’t affect the lasagne; i just have only two cups of delicious leftover sauce rather than four. i will manage. will this become an annual tradition? probably not because honestly i don’t think i can wait a whole year before we have this again!! so good!!

palak paneer.jpg
and then the last meal for this week is another vegetarian number: palak paneer with basmati rice and a chickpea salad. i am trying to replicate the version we get at our local indian restaurant and this is pretty darn close! this is the second recipe i’ve tried (the last one i made was a bit gross actually) and the second time i’ve made it; i made it for the first time for a christmas advent dinner. normally i would not serve an untested recipe at a big family dinner so i was a bit apprehensive. luckily it did not disappoint! the recipe calls for a cup of paneer but i used the whole package! when it came time to making the salad, i discovered my chili peppers had gone moldy in their package plus i was all out of scallions, so i had to do a little substituting: dried red pepper flakes and diced white onion, respectively. clearly this is a very flexible recipe because even with those changes, it tastes exactly like it’s supposed to. i seriously love this salad. i’ve made a big batch of it for weekday lunches a few times now — very tasty and very satisfying.

i was really looking forward to the salmon and horseradish potatoes, damnit! gimme a week or two…. and it’s not the first time i’ve had to skip making the korean beef; it calls for a particular sauce or spice mix that i just have not managed to track down. but i will! one day anyway….


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