week 26

FRIDAY date night!
SATURDAY meatballs with polenta
SUNDAY roast beef + grape, avocado & arugula salad
MONDAY big vegan bowl
TUESDAY tuna poke
WEDNESDAY chickpea dumplings in curry tomato sauce + roasted cauliflower
THURSDAY togarashi chicken with sesame cucumber relish

tried a couple of new recipes this week as well as an old favourite, updated.

first up is something i’d been craving for ages. granted, it’s a dish i’d never had before, only its components, but i knew (or at least hoped) it would be amazing. meatballs with polenta. i already had a great polenta recipe… and so i turned to one of my absolutely favourite food bloggers for the meatballs… smitten kitchen’s every day meatballs. they did not disappoint! i followed deb’s recipe to the letter — if you can even say that cos this is a flexible recipe! — using a mix of ground beef and ground pork (about 4:1 beef to pork simply cos i had about 100g of pork in the freezer that i needed to use up; would probs do half and half next time), fresh bread crumbs, milk, and crushed tomatoes. not only were the meatballs lovely, but the sauce was so delicious! you wouldn’t expect so much from such a simple sauce but yum!! also worth noting is an addition to the polenta — i added about ¾ cup of freshly grated parmesan along with the butter and *gasp* i used sour cream instead of creme fraiche cos i am so sick of buying a tub of the stuff only to use ¼ cup (or 1 tbsp as this recipe asks) and have the rest go bad. sour cream worked a treat! this was a new meal for us and a definite keeper! uber comfort food!
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week 25

FRIDAY falafel salad
SATURDAY date night
SUNDAY korean beef b’siniyah
MONDAY shrimp scampi pasta
TUESDAY ❤️ lasagne bolognese
WEDNESDAY palak paneer + chickpea salad
THURSDAY salmon with horseradish potatoes

only managed to cook four of the six meals slotted in this week. my husband whisked me away to vancouver island for the weekend so say goodbye to the korean beef (this is not the first time this meal has gotten bumped — i have got to make this one day!)

first up: falafel salad. i enjoy this immensely. these are baked, rather than fried, falafel. so… healthy! esp when served on a top a bed of greens with a quick greek salad and some tahini sauce amirite? plus they’re dead easy to make; you blend everything up in the food processor, form them into little patties (i might actually try shaping them as meatballs next time), and then bake in the oven. i didn’t even bother oiling the pan — no need!
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week 24

FRIDAY spinach & artichoke lasagne
SATURDAY warm lentils with fennel & halloumi
SUNDAY dine out vancouver
MONDAY vietnamese shrimp & sweet potato curry
TUESDAY 22-min pad thai
WEDNESDAY ricotta stuffed shells with roasted tomato sauce
THURSDAY short ribs and cauliflower puree

so we got back from gorgeous sunny and hot mexico verrrry late last thursday night and i basically came down with a bad sinus cold upon landing. i assumed it was my weird allergies kicking in cos i couldn’t stop sneezing, but no. full on head cold. that lasted about 5 days.

suffice it to say, i was not in the mood to cook.  luckily there were some leftovers in the fridge… i’d made a big pan of spinach & artichoke lasagne (my absolute fave lasagne these days) for my daughter’s lovely boyfriend who agreed to housesit while we were gone, and there was tons left. well i’d made a pan of cottage pie too and he polished that off but didn’t get very far with the lasagne. maybe making enough food to feed 12 people is too much for one boy to eat over the course of a week. anyway, i’ve gushed about this lasagne before — it’s super easy to make, chock a block with spinach and the freshest tasting marinara sauce!
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