week 23

FRIDAY date night!
SATURDAY baked bucatini and meatballs new + tuscan kale salad
SUNDAY 5 spice salmon & green beans
MONDAY date night!
TUESDAY moroccan chickpea bowls new
WEDNESDAY crockpot chicken gnocchi soup new
THURSDAY leaving for mexico for 8 days! woot woot!

whaaat? two date nights in the same week we leave for mexico? that was the plan anyway. i’m not sure if this goes on elsewhere, it must i’m sure, but the restaurants in vancouver come up with special fixed price menus every year at the end of january, when i guess business is a bit slower, to get people into their less busy restaurants.  some of the nicer places come up with amazing menus so we’re taking advantage! our mexico trip falls smack dab in the middle of dine out so we needed to cram a couple in before we left! unfortunately, the husband got sick on like weds or thurs so we had to give our first reso to our daughter and her fella. so i just bumped up the bucatini.

actually i made baked spaghetti and meatballs, cos i have not had any luck finding bucatini around these parts. not sure it would make a difference altho bucatini is fun. i am going to say that this recipe was no big whoop. i have for certain had better meatballs and you know what? i missed the linked marinara recipe when i printed it out and instead of using jarred, used the one from kate’s spinach and artichoke lasagne which is easily my fave lasagne right now but i’m thinking that sauce was too mild for this dish. i just found it very meh. that said, the kid really liked it. would i do it again? probs not. there was however loads so we had enough for dinner saturday night too. luckily i bought enough kale for two nights’ worth of delicious tuscan kale salad.  i can’t ever find pecorino, so use romano instead and it’s delightful.

this is an insanely quick and easy and delicious meal. you mix up your marinade, plop the salmon in there to soak up for like 15 minutes and while that’s going on, blanch your green beans (it doesn’t say to, but my beans are always undercooked otherwise), then bang the salmon and the beans on a baking sheet and broil those babies till the salmon flakes nicely. ta da! 5 spice glazed salmon and sesame green beans! i will also mention that leftovers are equally delicious. i know that doesn’t look like salmon but it is; it’s local spring salmon. the fishmonger explained that spring salmon can be pink or white and the latter is due to a weird genetic abnormality. tastes the same tho. yay for local fish.

so what is the difference between a bliss bowl and a glow bowl? or a buddha bowl, for that matter? here’s one i tried for the first time this week: pinch of yum’s moroccan-spiced chickpea glow bowl and it is a tasty one! chickpeas that get all yummy simmering in tomatoes and spices, on a bed of quinoa cooked in veggie stock, topped with chopped cucumber and sprinkled with the holy trinity of herbs: mint, cilantro and flat leaf parsley; with a good dollop of yogurt on top and maybe a drizzle of quality olive oil for good measure. her recipe says this should serve six but i’m thinkin’ four.

was too busy on wednesday getting ready for our very late at night/early morning flight to mexico!!! that we skipped the gnocchi soup and got some 🍣🍥 takeaway instead. see you in two weeks! ☀️👙🍹🏖😎


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