7 weeks of meal plans for jan & feb

i’m going to follow my usual format of two vegetarian/vegan/meatless meals each week but i’m going to dial down the fish to just once a week (shellfish doesn’t count) because i’d like my son to eat with us more and i’ve bombarded him with fish in this last year or two and he is so insanely off fish now. he’s not thrilled with the number of veg dishes either but too bad. plus he often ends up liking them if he gives them a chance. and i’m adding pasta once a week, or will try to anyway. i don’t typically cook pasta that often but 1) i got a pasta maker from my lovely children at christmas and cannot wait to put it to use! and 2) the other two people that live here love pasta-based meals. and then of course, we’ll have date night once a week! that’s a given!


note: meals marked with an asterisk* are new to me.

FRIDAY garlic shrimp & white beans
SATURDAY fresh pasta with marcela hazan’s tomato sauce (v)
SUNDAY cottage pie
MONDAY enlightened miso power bowls (v)
TUESDAY poached cod with potatoes and leeks*
WEDNESDAY thin crust pizza (v)
THURSDAY chicken korma*

FRIDAY crispy quinoa cakes + roasted cauliflower (v)
SATURDAY shrimp & grits*
SUNDAY chili*
MONDAY roasted cauli with freekeh and tahini sauce (v)
TUESDAY salmon chowder
WEDNESDAY crispy orange beef
THURSDAY roasted chicken with potatoes, arugula and garlic yogurt*

FRIDAY date night!
SATURDAY 5 spice salmon & green beans
SUNDAY crockpot chicken gnocchi soup*
MONDAY dine out vancouver
TUESDAY moroccan chickpea bowls* (v)
WEDNESDAY baked bucatini and meatballs* + tuscan kale salad
THURSDAY leaving for mexico! away for 8 days! woot woot!

FRIDAY vietnamese shrimp & sweet potato curry
SATURDAY warm lentils with fennel & halloumi (v)
SUNDAY dine out vancouver
MONDAY 22-min pad thai* (v)
TUESDAY short ribs and cauliflower puree*
WEDNESDAY ricotta stuffed shells with roasted tomato sauce* (v)
THURSDAY chicken noodle soup*

FRIDAY date night!
SATURDAY palak paneer + chickpea salad (v)
SUNDAY korean beef b’siniyah*
MONDAY falafel salad (v)
TUESDAY lasagne bolognese*
WEDNESDAY salmon with horseradish potatoes
THURSDAY shrimp scampi pasta*

FRIDAY date night!
SATURDAY tuna poke
SUNDAY roast beef + grape, avocado & arugula salad
MONDAY big vegan bowl (v)
TUESDAY togarashi chicken with sesame cucumber relish*
WEDNESDAY chickpea dumplings in curry tomato sauce + roasted cauliflower (v)
THURSDAY everyday meatballs* with polenta

FRIDAY lentil curry bowls with roasted carrots and cilantro cashew sauce (v)
SATURDAY teriyaki chicken bowls*
SUNDAY adult spaghettiOs*
MONDAY vegan meatballs* (v)
TUESDAY grilled mackerel with ginger, lime & scallion*
WEDNESDAY beef bourguignon
THURSDAY dynamite shrimp sushi bowls*


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