week 20 – happy new year!

FRIDAY: cocktail party
SATURDAY: fondue!
SUNDAY: beef tenderloin with green peppercorn sauce
MONDAY: enlightened miso power bowl
TUESDAY: salmon chowder
WEDNESDAY: garlic shrimp & canellini beans
THURSDAY: cheat beef dip

happy new year! 2016 wasn’t a bad year for me personally although i know it was challenging for many people. let’s hope 2017 is a good one for everyone.

as we’ve done for the past few years, we had a lovely swiss cheese fondue on new year’s eve. neither my husband nor i are wine fans and seeing as every cheese fondue we’d ever tried contains white wine, it has never been very appealing to us; that said, it always looks like so much fun and makes me feel like i’m missing out! look at everyone, gathered around, dunking bread into cheese! luckily this recipe (and i’m sure there are plenty of others) does not contain any white wine — yay!!  it calls for a pound of potatoes but for the amount of fondue this recipe makes, i did a pound and a half of baby potatoes, plus a few carrots, some cauliflower, an apple, a pear, and some baguette!  the only changes i made were to decrease the cream cheese by half and double the gruyere (i used emmental as that’s what i had on hand) and i used whole milk in place of the whipping cream. that said, it could have been thicker so maybe next time i’ll stick with the cream.

i guess i’m a bit superstitious but i like the idea of having a slightly fancy, but most importantly, delicious dinner for new year’s day. i feel like it kind of sets the stage for meals to come in the new year. ditto for i want to wake up in clean sheets on the first day of the year. well, i’d like to wake up every day in clean sheets really. anyway, i didn’t want something that would keep me in the kitchen for hours so decided to roast a small beef tenderloin (simple) but top it with a green peppercorn sauce (fancy!) with a baked potato to go alongside. to up the fancy, i made ottolenghi’s roasted onion salad to start and it was amazing! everything was delicious! i think the only change i’d make would be to blend the sauce so that the shallots are pureed and then add the peppercorns, all way ahead of time to let it thicken more. it just didn’t look right.


the rest of the week was basically another vacation from cooking as we had so many leftovers — we still had stuffed roast turkey breast for sandwiches (yay! making two roasts at christmas was one of the better decisions i’ve made in life), along with leftover fondue and tenderloin to finish up.  i’d been craving the miso power bowl all week but had already bought sliced roast beef from the deli so had to use that up, ergo the cheat beef dip.

it’s basically just a kaiser bun loaded with, ideally, leftover roast beef (and had i known i’d have leftovers, would not have purchased any from the deli), caramelised onions (i used this jamie oliver recipe as a guideline for the onions, using balsamic in addition to the red wine vinegar and with less sugar) & horseradish aioli (horseradish and mayo, people!), which you then dip into a bowl of consommé. if i’d been using leftover roast beef, then i’d stir any leftover gravy into the consommé, altho it’s still tasty without.

and that’s it for my meal plans (click here for all 8 weeks’ worth). time to do another 2 month round…. looking forward to the many meals i didn’t get an opportunity to make (hello, miso power bowls!!)


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