week 19 – christmas!

FRIDAY: sweet potato & black bean burgers (in freezer) leftover tacos
SATURDAY: family christmas eve dinner
SUNDAY: christmas turkey & all the fixins
MONDAY: leftovers
TUESDAY: leftovers
WEDNESDAY: family dinner
THURSDAY: leftovers

oh yes, this is it: the meal we’ve been waiting for all month. or since thanksgiving even. i basically make the exact same meal for christmas as i do for thanksgiving, except i stuff and roast two turkey breasts, cos: leftovers; i don’t want to cook again till new year. or more specifically, i don’t want to have to cook again till new year. my kids so wonderfully got me a pasta maker for christmas and i’m dead excited to make some!!!

anyway, we roasted one stuffed turkey boob on christmas day and then i cooked the second on boxing day morning. also, i switched up the salad this year: cookie and kate’s arugula, dried cherry and wild rice salad with a zippy lemon dressing (altho i made it sans rice cos dinner would be filling enough) and it was a perfect accompaniment! also made bbc food’s gingerbread puddings with ginger wine and brandy sauce for dessert instead of the pies. i realised too late that i could have/should have made the puddings a day ahead and then broiled them with the sauce after dinner. as it was we had dessert at like 10pm which was way too late. altho, tasty as heck!!

so glad i roasted that second turkey breast cos we had leftovers all week: stuffed turkey sandwiches and full turkey dinners! yay for leftovers!


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