week 17

FRIDAY: bangkok coconut curry noodle bowls
SATURDAY: work christmas party
SUNDAY: family dinner
MONDAY: baked bucatini & meatballs
TUESDAY: chicken cordon bleu
WEDNESDAY: garlic basil fish with tomato butter sauce
THURSDAY: chicken gnocchi soup

okay so this week didn’t go exactly as planned. i only cooked three meals!!

this is one of my favourite meals. pinch of yum’s bangkok coconut curry noodle bowls. it pretty much finds its way into every set of meal plans i do and i’m always excited when it pops up. for starters: noodles! i don’t go nuts over bread and pasta like so many others do, but rice noodles? hello! and these ones are all warm and yummy. a little on the spicy side but i can handle it (i’m a spice wimp). perfect noodle dish for the colder months. i do make a few changes… i am neither a fan of broccoli nor asparagus so i swap them out for broccoli slaw and edamame. also we double everything cos pigs. what’s better than leftover noodles, amirite??

my mother used to make chicken kiev for my father on his birthday and it was definitely a highlight every year. i enjoy cooking much more than she ever did but that’s one dish i’ve never made nor will likely ever attempt. i can’t even imagine going to all that work, only to have the butter seep out before it even gets served! chicken cordon bleu on the other hand? yes please! i made that for years and it was always well received by both husband and kids (altho i’m lucky in that everything i make is well received by my husband). recently i stumbled across this seemingly healthier version: crispy chicken, ham, and swiss roll-ups. i am not 100% sure i did it right: are you supposed to dredge both sides of the chicken through the crumbs? i did. also i used plain bread crumbs and seasoned them myself, perhaps not enough? wished i’d seasoned the chicken before the crumb coating too. all that said, it was rather tasty and i’ll make it again. served it with a big salad instead of potatoes (training from my two week test days).

the last meal i made this week wasn’t as good as the first time i’d made it: pinch of yum’s garlic basil fish with tomato butter sauce. i mean, it was still delicious, but not as. i bought the wrong tomatoes! i forgot what i was cooking this week and took a stab at the store and it was the wrong one. i even said out loud that you can’t go wrong with grape tomatoes. well you can. i should have bought roma or campari tomatoes cos you need them to break down and get all saucy. you can see in my blurry pic above that there’s more beans in there than tomatoes. the sauce should be more red in colour. anyway, i’ve made this twice now, both times without the recommended barramundi because even though i like to say barramundi out loud, i’ve never seen it in the stores or at the farmer’s market. so last time i used snapper and this time i used rock fish. are they the same thing? they looked exactly the same. and they both tasted delightful. also…

i made her version of what is basically jim lahey’s no knead artisan bread! it does not look as good as the pics in her post but it was tasty and so easy! and perfect for mopping up all that sauce! also good with thick smears of salted butter. what?

slightly disappointed that i didn’t get to make [read: eat] the bucatini & meatballs but i couldn’t find any bucatini in my regular store and i didn’t have time to visit an italian market. the recipe looks so good tho and i can’t wait to make it!


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