week 16

FRIDAY: sweet potato, spinach & quinoa salad
SATURDAY: trasteverini
SUNDAY: family dinner
MONDAY: pesto chicken sweet potato pizza
TUESDAY: 5 spice salmon & sesame green beans
WEDNESDAY: kale, black bean & avocado burrito bowls
THURSDAY: adult “spaghettiOs”  turkey meatball orzo soup

well we’re almost one week back from the two week test and in all honesty, i don’t think i have a carbohydrate intolerance. i think i just eat too fast 😳 we’ve been introducing foods back into our regular diet and everything seems to be sitting well. i guess that’s good news.

yam salad.JPG
first up this week is another favourite salad. roasted sweet potato, spinach and quinoa salad from naturally ella. we absolutely love this! it calls for leftover grains (quinoa is just one suggestion) but i also cook them up fresh in the morning/early afternoon cos i don’t typically have leftovers. i’m just realising this is the first meatless meal we’ve had in over two weeks! well, for dinner anyway. you definitely don’t miss the meat in this one; it’s very filling! i add both crumbled feta and toasted pepitas to this recipe. and i double it so we can have it for lunch the next day (but i don’t toss the spinach with the dressing until I’m ready to serve cos there is nothing grosser than wet wilted spinach!!)

okay so i’d never heard of trasteverini before i first tried this dish at a friend’s, nor have i seen it anywhere since. if i ever see it on a menu in an italian restaurant, i would so get it! this is very tasty with a lacinato kale salad but it was too dark and cold out to harvest what’s left of my garden.


1 lb whole wheat spaghetti noodles
¼ cup olive oil
6 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
1 bunch fresh basil (not chopped)
¼ – ½ cup snipped sun-dried tomatoes (not in oil)
1 large can (680 ml) tomato sauce
1 lb chicken breasts, cut into small strips
1 can black beans, rinsed and drained (or ½ cup dried beans, soaked and cooked)
parmesan cheese, for serving

bring large pot of salted water to boil. cook noodles according to package.

in a large skilled, heat the oil on low heat and slowly sauté the garlic, basil and sun-dried tomatoes until soft and very slightly golden.

add the tomato sauce and stir to heat through. turn the heat up a bit (to medium) and add the chicken. once cooked through, add the drained black beans and continue to cook and stir till heated evenly.

serve over whole wheat spaghetti with enormous shards of parmesan cheese.

oh my word, i had been looking forward to pinch of yum’s sweet potato crust pizza all day on monday and then when i went to make it, realised i’d only bought enough sweet potatoes for the spinach salad earlier in the week! arggg! so we ended up ordering out. but the next day, my lovely husband picked up some more sweet potatoes so we had pizza two nights in a row. what?? (sorry, salmon & green beans. the green beans are sucking in the shops anyways.)

this is a fantastically easy “dough” to make, altho it does take some time to actually bake. i’ve now written right on my recipe to prep and bake the crust earlier in the day so i can make two back to back without a long wait in between. yes i made two large pizzas for the two of us. i guess we’re pigs. i vary a bit from her actual pizza recipe in that i swap out the bbq sauce for a pesto-tomato puree mixture, i add thinly sliced garlic and scrap the cilantro. if i’d had basil i would’ve gone that route, but alas.

not sure what the deal is but pretty much every time i make cookie + kate’s kale, black bean & avocado burrito bowls i think i’m not going to like it; either it’s going to be too bland (plain rice) or too tart (lots of lime juice in the salad dressing) or who knows what. and then i take a bite and i love it. i’m not sure what my problem is. i will admit i do add a titch of agave syrup to the dressing but other than that, i make it according to the recipe. well normally. since my weekly grocery shop, we’ve had a large dump of snow, so i’ve lost all the lovely cilantro from my garden *sad face* so this iteration of burrito bowl was cilantro-less, but it was still delicious!

i’m sad to say, the spaghettiO’s got the ol’ heave-ho. i knew i’d be making that turkey meatballs soup sooner or later. my boy came down with the flu and luckily i had all the ingredients on hand.

turkey meatball orzo soup

1 egg, lightly beaten
¼ cup minced garlic (or to taste — i was making it to cure a cold, right?)
1 Tbsp minced ginger (again, to taste)
lots of salt and pepper
several dashed of worcestershire sauce
2 lbs ground turkey
2 big handfuls of fresh spinach, finely chopped
¼ cup ground flaxseed
2 Tbsp fine bread crumbs
1 cup orzo pasta
2L chicken broth

preheat oven to 350F. line baking sheet with parchment.

mix first 9 ingredients together and form small meatballs. place on baking sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes or until no longer pink inside.

meanwhile, bring a medium pot of salted water to boil; add the orzo and cook till al dente.

in a large pot, heat the chicken stock. add cooked and drained orzo and meatballs and simmer.

bummed about the spaghettiOs tho. they will be at the top of my list in the new year!


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