week 19 – christmas!

FRIDAY: sweet potato & black bean burgers (in freezer) leftover tacos
SATURDAY: family christmas eve dinner
SUNDAY: christmas turkey & all the fixins
MONDAY: leftovers
TUESDAY: leftovers
WEDNESDAY: family dinner
THURSDAY: leftovers

oh yes, this is it: the meal we’ve been waiting for all month. or since thanksgiving even. i basically make the exact same meal for christmas as i do for thanksgiving, except i stuff and roast two turkey breasts, cos: leftovers; i don’t want to cook again till new year. or more specifically, i don’t want to have to cook again till new year. my kids so wonderfully got me a pasta maker for christmas and i’m dead excited to make some!!!

anyway, we roasted one stuffed turkey boob on christmas day and then i cooked the second on boxing day morning. also, i switched up the salad this year: cookie and kate’s arugula, dried cherry and wild rice salad with a zippy lemon dressing (altho i made it sans rice cos dinner would be filling enough) and it was a perfect accompaniment! also made bbc food’s gingerbread puddings with ginger wine and brandy sauce for dessert instead of the pies. i realised too late that i could have/should have made the puddings a day ahead and then broiled them with the sauce after dinner. as it was we had dessert at like 10pm which was way too late. altho, tasty as heck!!

so glad i roasted that second turkey breast cos we had leftovers all week: stuffed turkey sandwiches and full turkey dinners! yay for leftovers!


week 18

FRIDAY: out for dinner
SATURDAY: red thai curry with fish
SUNDAY: spinach & sausage stuffed manicotti
MONDAY: tourtière
TUESDAY: leftovers
WEDNESDAY: sheet pan chicken tikka
THURSDAY: taco party!

as we get closer to christmas, obviously i’m not in the mood to make elaborate dinners. quick and easy; and hey if we can get two meals out of it, even better!

first up is a new one… i’m always looking for different ways to cook and serve fish and i think this one will be a keeper: weeknight red curry from bon appetit. i’ve been subscribed to that magazine for years and have found loads of recipes that became family faves. this is a pretty simple curry altho it did take about an hour to prepare. i went with cod plus carrots and cauliflower. as is, it was okay; it just needs a splash of fish sauce to really elevate the other flavours in the sauce: coconut, lime, curry paste. it was also delicious the next day.
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week 17

FRIDAY: bangkok coconut curry noodle bowls
SATURDAY: work christmas party
SUNDAY: family dinner
MONDAY: baked bucatini & meatballs
TUESDAY: chicken cordon bleu
WEDNESDAY: garlic basil fish with tomato butter sauce
THURSDAY: chicken gnocchi soup

okay so this week didn’t go exactly as planned. i only cooked three meals!!

this is one of my favourite meals. pinch of yum’s bangkok coconut curry noodle bowls. it pretty much finds its way into every set of meal plans i do and i’m always excited when it pops up. for starters: noodles! i don’t go nuts over bread and pasta like so many others do, but rice noodles? hello! and these ones are all warm and yummy. a little on the spicy side but i can handle it (i’m a spice wimp). perfect noodle dish for the colder months. i do make a few changes… i am neither a fan of broccoli nor asparagus so i swap them out for broccoli slaw and edamame. also we double everything cos pigs. what’s better than leftover noodles, amirite??
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week 16

FRIDAY: sweet potato, spinach & quinoa salad
SATURDAY: trasteverini
SUNDAY: family dinner
MONDAY: pesto chicken sweet potato pizza
TUESDAY: 5 spice salmon & sesame green beans
WEDNESDAY: kale, black bean & avocado burrito bowls
THURSDAY: adult “spaghettiOs”  turkey meatball orzo soup

well we’re almost one week back from the two week test and in all honesty, i don’t think i have a carbohydrate intolerance. i think i just eat too fast 😳 we’ve been introducing foods back into our regular diet and everything seems to be sitting well. i guess that’s good news.

yam salad.JPG
first up this week is another favourite salad. roasted sweet potato, spinach and quinoa salad from naturally ella. we absolutely love this! it calls for leftover grains (quinoa is just one suggestion) but i also cook them up fresh in the morning/early afternoon cos i don’t typically have leftovers. i’m just realising this is the first meatless meal we’ve had in over two weeks! well, for dinner anyway. you definitely don’t miss the meat in this one; it’s very filling! i add both crumbled feta and toasted pepitas to this recipe. and i double it so we can have it for lunch the next day (but i don’t toss the spinach with the dressing until I’m ready to serve cos there is nothing grosser than wet wilted spinach!!)
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week 15

FRIDAY: herbed pork tenderloin + roasted peppers
SATURDAY: steak + grape, avocado & arugula salad
SUNDAY: butter chicken + chana masala
MONDAY: lo mein
TUESDAY: halibut with sweet potato fries
WEDNESDAY: cottage pie
THURSDAY: turkey meatball orzo soup

two more “test” meals this week and then we’re done! i cannot wait! that said, i’ve learned a lot about how i/we eat and regardless of any food sensitivities i may have, i’ll be thinking about meal planning differently from now on. i realised we don’t really eat that many veg with our meals, even our meatless meals; i tend to rely on lentils and chickpeas as well as potatoes and sweet potatoes to either round things out or fully replace meat.

the first meal this week is no exception. a family friend gave me this yummy (and easy!) pork tenderloin recipe and i’ve made it a bunch of times. but i typically serve it with either a potato salad or sweet potato fries plus a green salad. always potatoes. tonight i roasted some red and orange peppers as well as boiled green beans and didn’t miss the potato at all! now i don’t yet know if potatoes are what cause my stomach problems, but we could probably stand to cut down on consuming so many of them anyway.
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