week 12

FRIDAY: steak with mixed peppercorns & balsamic reduction
SATURDAY: potatoes with chorizo and onions & kale salad
SUNDAY: pastitsio
MONDAY: lentil curry bowls with cashew sauce
TUESDAY: election party!
WEDNESDAY: roasted cauliflower and freekeh
THURSDAY: dinner out!

okay so this is the last of the weekly meal plans i organised a couple months ago. i will endeavour to include all the meals i missed in the next batch.

this was a meal i rarely make and each time i do, i ask myself (and everyone else at the table), why don’t i make this more??? i do love steak. we’re tenderloin fans tho. loads of people say this is the most overrated (and overpriced — that i can agree with) cut of beef, that a porterhouse or whatever with all the fat marbling is better. no thanks. so the recipe for steak with mixed peppercorns and pomegranate glaze does call for a sirloin, but we went with tenderloin and oh my word, melt in your mouth delicious! i boiled a bag of baby potatoes till you could just piece them with a fork and then popped them into a buttered baking dish, lightly crushed each one with the back of a spoon, drizzled some olive oil and cracked some salt & pepper over top, and then roasted them for another 15 minutes or so, while i made the steak.

ooof, here’s another goody! potatoes with chorizo and onions. this stuff is addictive! it’s meant to yield about 12 servings — albeit as tapas! — but three of us almost polished it off for dinner! made a few changes to the original recipe: 3 lbs of pan-fried baby yukon gold potatoes, twice as much sautéed onion & chorizo sausage, a good splash of both sherry and chicken stock cos we don’t drink wine in these parts, and voila! so unbelievably tasty! made an insanely simple kale & shaved parm salad to go alongside.

pastitsio.JPGso i’d never even heard of pastitsio till my husband and i were on holiday in greece two summers ago. i’ve never been a moussaka fan — the flavours are lovely; i just don’t like the texture of eggplant (blech). so halfway through our trip, i spotted something called pastitsio on one of the many menus. i googled it when we got back to our room and knew i’d have to try it. could i find it again? not till almost our very last day, on the island of santori, did we find it on a menu. it actually wasn’t that great, but i knew it could be! lots of recipe searching when we got home and finally i stumbled across mygreekdish.com — a wonderful online collection of authentic greek recipes! it took me right back to our greek holiday. pastitsio does take a bit of time (and several pots and pans!) to make, similar to lasagne, but it’s so worth it. don’t even think of skimping on the béchamel sauce, like i thought of doing, or you’ll be missing out dearly. i may only make this once a year, but it’s a meal i’ll certainly look forward to.

freekeh.JPGokay i know I’ve said this before, but this is defs my favourite vegetarian meal. wait, how bout this: my favourite *cold weather* vegetarian meal? fair?? yes! sooo good!! roasted cauliflower, freekeh and garlicky tahini sauce. how can you go wrong with that combo? freekeh is like this nutty rice, but better. so then top that with roasted cauli, a gorgeous tahini sauce, thinly sliced red onion (the actual recipe calls for raisins but i think i made a good call here), sesame seeds, cilantro, feta… gah!  so good! you’re welcome.

no lentil curry this week but it’s so good, it’ll have to make an appearance soon! see you next week…


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