8 weekly meal plans to finish off 2016

well that’s it for the 9 weeks of meals that i planned at the beginning of september; time to do another round! i must admit, it took me longer to plan this next set, and for two reasons; number one… christmas! december is always crazy (in a good way) what with all the holiday baking and family dinners and whatnot, that i wanted to make sure i allowed myself lots of easy-to-make dinners so i don’t get bogged down.


and number two, i’m going to be taking the two week test from nov 13 to 26 to see if i have a carbohydrate intolerance, therefore i’ll be trying out a fair number of new meals, starting right away. basically i’ll be cutting out all sugars & sweeteners; bread, rice, grains, pasta & quinoa; corn & potatoes of any kind; legumes; and fruit (FRUIT!) for two whole weeks! this is likely going to be tough. and then the two weeks after that, i have to introduce those foods very gradually back into my diet and see how i react.

so here we go…

FRIDAY: flank steak with horseradish sauce
SATURDAY: dinner out
SUNDAY: ginger beef salad with miso vinaigrette
MONDAY: lamb burgers with mint-feta pesto
TUESDAY: salmon with cilantro-pepita pesto
WEDNESDAY: chicken souvlaki with greek salad
THURSDAY: shrimp & avocado salad with miso dressing

FRIDAY: turkey kofta kebabs
SATURDAY: korean beef b’siniyah
SUNDAY: asian beef salad with edamame
MONDAY: lamb kebabs with tzatziki
TUESDAY: taco salad
WEDNESDAY: cilantro lime shrimp & green beans
THURSDAY: cowgirl salad

FRIDAY: herbed pork tenderloin + roasted cauliflower
SATURDAY: steak + grape, avocado & arugula salad
SUNDAY: butter chicken + chana masala
MONDAY: turkey meatball orzo soup
TUESDAY: halibut with sweet potato fries
WEDNESDAY: cottage pie
THURSDAY: lo mein

FRIDAY: sweet potato, quinoa & spinach salad
SATURDAY: adult “spaghettiOs”
SUNDAY: family dinner
MONDAY: 5 spice salmon & sesame green beans
TUESDAY: kale, rice & black bean burrito bowls
WEDNESDAY: pesto chicken sweet potato pizza
THURSDAY: trasteverini

FRIDAY: chicken cordon bleu
SATURDAY: work christmas party
SUNDAY: family dinner
MONDAY: baked bucatini & meatballs
TUESDAY: chicken gnocchi soup
WEDNESDAY: garlic basil fish with tomato butter sauce
THURSDAY: bangkok coconut curry noodle bowls

FRIDAY: sheet pan chicken tikka
SATURDAY: beef dip
SUNDAY: spinach & sausage stuffed manicotti
MONDAY: tourtière
TUESDAY: red thai curry with fish
WEDNESDAY: biryani
THURSDAY: leftovers

FRIDAY: sweet potato & black bean burgers (in freezer)
SATURDAY: family dinner
SUNDAY: christmas turkey & all the fixins
MONDAY: leftovers
TUESDAY: leftovers
WEDNESDAY: leftovers
THURSDAY: wild rice, cherry & arugula salad, if we get tired of leftovers

FRIDAY: enlightened miso power bowl
SATURDAY: cheese fondue
SUNDAY: croque monsieur
MONDAY: salmon chowder
TUESDAY: garlic shrimp & canellini beans
WEDNESDAY: satay chicken noodle salad
THURSDAY: chickpea dumplings in curry tomato sauce

and there we go! all sorted until 2017!


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