week 14

FRIDAY: turkey kofta kebabs
SATURDAY: asian beef salad with edamame
SUNDAY: lamb kebabs with tzatziki
MONDAY: out for dinner
TUESDAY: taco salad
WEDNESDAY: cilantro lime shrimp & green beans
THURSDAY: cowgirl salad

friday finds us not quite halfway through the two week test. first up this week is a meal i’ve made before – persian turkey kofta kebabs – but this time i scrapped the pita bread and tzatziki and just made an easy tahini sauce to drizzle on top, plus a massive green salad featuring many large chunks of tomato and cucumber to go with. i am going to give these kebabs a resounding “okay” — they’re not bad, in fact they’re rather flavourful spice-wise; i’m just not sure turkey is the right ground meat to be using. i feel like lamb, or a mixture of lamb and something (maybe even turkey to keep it lighter?) might be the way to go. maybe i’ll try that next time, or maybe i’ll find a completely different kofta recipe. also, i didn’t bother skewering them as they felt rather firm coming out of the fridge and didn’t think they’d fall apart (spoiler: they didn’t), plus i broiled them instead of barbecuing; it’s just too cold and dark to fire up the bbq these days.
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week 13

FRIDAY: flank steak with horseradish sauce
SATURDAY: dinner out
SUNDAY: lamb burgers with mint-feta pesto
MONDAY: shrimp & avocado salad with miso dressing
TUESDAY: ginger beef salad with miso vinaigrette
WEDNESDAY: chicken souvlaki with greek salad
THURSDAY: salmon with pumpkin seed-cilantro pesto

“all by myself…. don’t wanna be… all by myself…” thinking of bridget jones right now, but in actuality, i was abandoned for dinner on friday.  my husband was stuck working super late and my boy was out with friends. so i was all alone. normally i wouldn’t bother to cook a proper dinner but (ugh) i’m starting this two week test on sunday and i’d marinated the steak already so it needed to be cooked.  poor me, having to eat a steak and potato dinner all by myself.

this is absolutely one of my family’s favourite meals, so i actually feel bad that they missed out. flank steak with horseradish sauce. i accidentally discovered that this steak does not in fact need to be marinated overnight, as per the recipe; so if, like me, you wake up one morning, fully intending on serving this dish for dinner, but realise you not only neglected to marinate your flank steak the night before, but you forgot to even take it out of the freezer, well all is not lost. i made up the marinade while thawing said steak, then put both in a ziploc bag and let them sit for several hours on the counter. i probably wouldn’t do this in the middle of summer when it’s boiling both inside and out, but it was fine at this time of year. fyi, that horseradish sauce is the shit!! i boiled and then pan fried some nugget potatoes to go with, along with some green beans. deeelicious!
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8 weekly meal plans to finish off 2016

well that’s it for the 9 weeks of meals that i planned at the beginning of september; time to do another round! i must admit, it took me longer to plan this next set, and for two reasons; number one… christmas! december is always crazy (in a good way) what with all the holiday baking and family dinners and whatnot, that i wanted to make sure i allowed myself lots of easy-to-make dinners so i don’t get bogged down.


and number two, i’m going to be taking the two week test from nov 13 to 26 to see if i have a carbohydrate intolerance, therefore i’ll be trying out a fair number of new meals, starting right away. basically i’ll be cutting out all sugars & sweeteners; bread, rice, grains, pasta & quinoa; corn & potatoes of any kind; legumes; and fruit (FRUIT!) for two whole weeks! this is likely going to be tough. and then the two weeks after that, i have to introduce those foods very gradually back into my diet and see how i react.
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week 12

FRIDAY: steak with mixed peppercorns & balsamic reduction
SATURDAY: potatoes with chorizo and onions & kale salad
SUNDAY: pastitsio
MONDAY: lentil curry bowls with cashew sauce
TUESDAY: election party!
WEDNESDAY: roasted cauliflower and freekeh
THURSDAY: dinner out!

okay so this is the last of the weekly meal plans i organised a couple months ago. i will endeavour to include all the meals i missed in the next batch.

this was a meal i rarely make and each time i do, i ask myself (and everyone else at the table), why don’t i make this more??? i do love steak. we’re tenderloin fans tho. loads of people say this is the most overrated (and overpriced — that i can agree with) cut of beef, that a porterhouse or whatever with all the fat marbling is better. no thanks. so the recipe for steak with mixed peppercorns and pomegranate glaze does call for a sirloin, but we went with tenderloin and oh my word, melt in your mouth delicious! i boiled a bag of baby potatoes till you could just piece them with a fork and then popped them into a buttered baking dish, lightly crushed each one with the back of a spoon, drizzled some olive oil and cracked some salt & pepper over top, and then roasted them for another 15 minutes or so, while i made the steak.
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week 11

FRIDAY: date night!
SATURDAY: miso power bowl
SUNDAY: trasteverini
MONDAY: meatloaf & mashed potatoes
TUESDAY: flank steak with horseradish sauce
WEDNESDAY: crunchy black bean tacos
THURSDAY: thai halibut

oh boy, it’s been a while since my meal plan has gone according to plan! only four meals cooked this week….

first up: enlightened miso power bowls from oh she glows. these are insanely good! I’m always leery of a “bowl” whose base is quinoa. i’m not a massive fan of the flavour of plain cooked quinoa; i need it to be way more flavourful. this dish very much is! for starters, i cooked the quinoa in veggie stock, and then i toss the cooled grains/seeds with about half of the miso-orange-tahini dressing. the toppings are so simple but sooo good! roasted (to the point of caramelisation!) sweet potato medallions, julienned raw carrot, blanched edamame, and alfalfa sprouts. a sprinkle of both toasted hemp hearts and sesame seeds, some cilantro and then drizzle the rest of the dressing on top. oof! too yummy!
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