week 10

FRIDAY: coconut curried lentils
SATURDAY: vietnamese pork stir fry
SUNDAY: balsamic salmon
MONDAY: thai yellow curry
TUESDAY: short ribs & mash
THURSDAY: kale & black bean burrito bowls

okay so this week did not go according to plan. that said, this was a weird week anyway; i deviated from my master plan and snuck in a new 1-week meal plan comprised of previously missed/skipped recipes. and even then, i only managed four of the meals! busy week!!

i’m a big fan of curried lentils and this is another one that does not disappoint! coconut curried lentils served on black rice. pure comfort food, and easy to boot! this is a more straightforward curry recipe than most of the other ones i make, and i like it! plus coconut.  coconut milk AND coconut flakes. you can serve this atop any rice but i think the black rice is a little nuttier tasting and it goes really well.  plus it looks good.

this is a new recipe for me. vietnamese caramel pork stir fry. this did not look fantastic in my bowl (or my pic, clearly) but was a surprise winner! maybe it’s cos i used an orange pepper instead of the specified red so everything ended up looking the same. whatevs. it’s super simple too. sort of a “cheat caramel sauce” cos you’re basically just adding brown sugar to chicken stock and a couple other ingredients and then adding that to your pork and veg to thicken. fyi, i seriously debated leaving out that napa cabbage on top but I’m glad i didn’t. crisp & refreshing.

salmon.JPGokay so this is a bit of a weird one. who decided to make orzo AND lentils to go with salmon? okay it was me, but it’s cos they all go so well together. those cucumbers were my last minute “salad.” hey, it worked. but yeah, that salmon? so good. balsamic-glazed salmon fillet. i was too lazy to snip some fresh oregano from our garden for garnish but I’m sure that would have only improved things. that glaze is amazing!! i used olive oil rather than non-stick spray only cos that stuff creeps me out a bit. just cooked the garlic in a tsp or so of olive oil and then rather than spraying some tin foil to cook the salmon on, i just used parchment. i sorta think this is an older recipe, from a time when margarine > butter, so i just made a few adjustments to suit the way i cook.

every time we go out for thai, we get the same things. everyone does this, right? we get pad thai, swimming rama, and yellow curry with chicken. i LOOOVVVE yellow curry with chicken. i think it’s the potatoes. potatoes in a coconut curry sauce? yes please!! i will admit that i made this thai yellow curry recipe from pinch of yum using thai kitchen curry paste instead of making her homemade version and while it was very tasty, next time i will definitely be going full homemade. yum yum yum!


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