week 10

FRIDAY: coconut curried lentils
SATURDAY: vietnamese pork stir fry
SUNDAY: balsamic salmon
MONDAY: thai yellow curry
TUESDAY: short ribs & mash
THURSDAY: kale & black bean burrito bowls

okay so this week did not go according to plan. that said, this was a weird week anyway; i deviated from my master plan and snuck in a new 1-week meal plan comprised of previously missed/skipped recipes. and even then, i only managed four of the meals! busy week!!

i’m a big fan of curried lentils and this is another one that does not disappoint! coconut curried lentils served on black rice. pure comfort food, and easy to boot! this is a more straightforward curry recipe than most of the other ones i make, and i like it! plus coconut.  coconut milk AND coconut flakes. you can serve this atop any rice but i think the black rice is a little nuttier tasting and it goes really well.  plus it looks good.
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week 9

FRIDAY: date night!
SATURDAY: hoisin salmon noodle bowls
SUNDAY: vietnamese pork stir fry
MONDAY: steak & onion sarnies
TUESDAY: kale & black bean burrito bowls
WEDNESDAY: lentils with fennel & halloumi
THURSDAY: zucchini-stuffed shells

oh how i love noodles! any kind really. but especially rice noodles or soba noodles. so good!  starting us off this week was a meal i’d made for the first time earlier this summer: hoisin salmon & soba noodle bowls. there’s a lot of stuff going on here: caramelised salmon plus roasted cauliflower & brussels spouts on top of a pile of soba noodles and coated in a lovely hoisin/tahini sauce. it’s supposed to be roasted broccoli but i just can’t, i’m afraid. i also streamlined her recipe a bit. basically i just baked the salmon in the oven cos that was way easier. then i broiled it for a minute of two to achieve the caramelisation. and i made a couple changes to the sauce: cut way back on the sesame oil (like 1 Tbsp instead of 6!) & halved the ginger, altho next time, i’ll decrease the soy sauce too. also, ¼ cup sesame seeds? that’s a lot; i just sprinkled about a tsp or so over each bowl. i think this is a very flexible recipe that people can get creative with and end up with an amazing meal. we loved it!
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week 8

FRIDAY: date night!
SATURDAY: bangkok curry noodle bowls
SUNDAY: thanksgiving dinner
MONDAY: thanksgiving dinner pt.2
TUESDAY: leftovers
WEDNESDAY: mejadra
THURSDAY: sweet potato pizza

okay so i had to make a few changes to this week’s meal plan: it’s thanksgiving weekend! i mean, i did schedule it in for sunday night but i forgot about our extended family dinner. also, hello? leftovers! of course there’ll be leftovers; if there aren’t, i’ve done something wrong. and then i reinstated date night; what was i thinking?  but all those changes meant three meals got the axe, but hey, they’ll turn up at some point.

first up were these amazing bangkok coconut curry noodle bowls. i seriously love noodles. i suggested having a week where we eat nothing but noodles for dinner but no one else was on board. we’ll see about that. i’ve made these particular noodles a bunch but i messed it up this time. i meant to double the recipe (cos we’re pigs) but i only ended up doubling half of it! ack! i didn’t double the sauce!! guess what? it was still delicious. also, i make a ton of changes — not cos it wouldn’t taste good as is; I’m just picky as hell with my vegetables. i swapped out the broccoli florets for broccoli slaw and i axed the asparagus and subbed in blanched edamame. actually that’s just two changes.
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week 7

FRIDAY: concert!
SATURDAY: kale tahini salad bowl
SUNDAY: chickpea dumplings in curry
MONDAY: oktoberfest!
TUESDAY: sweet potato & green rice burrito bowls
WEDNESDAY: fish skillet with tomato butter sauce
THURSDAY: artichoke & ricotta shells

okay so i had to make two changes to the meal plan this week: 1) i’d actually prepped most of the components for the kale tahini salad bowl last week thinking we’d be eating it last thursday but then we didn’t, so i bumped the orange ginger beef; and, 2) i pulled butter chicken from this week’s plan because hello! oktoberfest! even still, we technically missed it; oktoberfest officially wrapped up on sunday but i just didn’t have time to make my traditional bavarian dinner during the weekend so we celebrated a day late. oh well.

i’ve made this kale salad bowl with tahini a bunch of times! this might be my husband’s favourite vegetarian meal, or at least it was his first favourite vegetarian meal — i make a lot of them now! as with all good salads, or meals for that matter, the key is to give each component the proper attention. soak and cook your chickpeas (altho of course you can easily open a tin instead), oven roast some cubed sweet potato, cook a bit of quinoa in vegetable broth, prepare two dressings: a simple lemon vinaigrette, and a garlic-tahini sauce, massage your kale. then build each salad individually or toss everything together and then serve. top with crumbled feta and a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds.
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