week 4

FRIDAY: spinach artichoke lasagne + kale caesar
SATURDAY: date night!
SUNDAY: summer polenta with chimichurri & tomatoes
MONDAY: white enchiladas
TUESDAY: coconut curried lentils
WEDNESDAY: lamb skewers + white bean salad
THURSDAY: thai tuna burgers + wasabi mash

i love this vegetarian lasagne so much, i’ve not made my normal meat version in ages! it’s also faster to make so… win win. is the secret ingredient the whipped cottage cheese? how good would whipped cottage cheese be in a chocolate cupcake??? also this kale caesar has become my go-to side salad these days. so good! fyi, that kale is from my garden. first year gardener here 🙋🏻

this is the perfect meal featuring end of summer tomatoes! i have so many green tomatoes in my garden and they are only verrry slowly ripening. so i’m making the most of them! i made this polenta dish for the first time earlier this summer, having never made any kind of polenta before, and it’s amazing. for one, it’s dead easy; and two, dead delicious! i do add about a half cup freshly grated parmesan to the polenta but everything else is as per. cheesy polenta with a big bunch of gorgeous vine ripened tomatoes and a spicy chimichurri sauce! holla!

so many yummy fall dishes to make now that the weather is turning cooler. this is one i make quite frequently. shredded chicken and white bean enchiladas with a creamy green chile sauce. so good and actually pretty quick. i never have a leftover chicken breast so just poach one and then shred it. full disclosure: i do not buy “low fat” or “low carb” products. i typically use greek yogurt in place of the sour cream and the tortillas i buy are high in fibre. carbs are our friends.

i love to make these lamb skewers when transitioning from summer to fall.  the flavours together are amazing!  I’m not sure what it is but this is one of the few lamb dishes i enjoy eating.  normally i find lamb too rich and maybe even a little greasy feeling. maybe it’s the fresh lemon juice or the peppery arugula. or maybe it’s the insanely tasty bean salad that accompanies the lamb.

another flavour sensation! ahi tuna is a bit of a treat considering it’s so expensive but we have this maybe once a year so why not.  these little tuna cakes get dunked into a thai style dipping sauce that, yes, contains fish sauce so for a tiny minute your kitchen smells like death but it’s so worth it.  i typically serve these tuna cakes with some wasabi mashed potatoes on the side as well as some edamame.  we love it.  note: for the potatoes, i just add some peeled garlic in with the potatoes as they boil and then mash them all together.  also, YEAH RIGHT!  12 potatoes for six servings???  in what world?  i quarter this recipe for the four of us; three potatoes easily makes four side-dish servings.

too many leftovers this week (not complaining!) so didn’t get the chance to make the coconut curried lentils, which is too bad cos they’re sooo good!  comfort food all the way. soon tho.


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