week 3

FRIDAY: windy city ‘za
SATURDAY: date night!
SUNDAY: dad’s birthday
MONDAY: red curry lentils
TUESDAY: soft tacos
WEDNESDAY: halibut & sweet potato fries
THURSDAY: sweet potato, spinach & quinoa salad

a few years ago, we flew to chicago in order to see one of our fav bands on tour. we only had a couple food items on our “must try” list while we were there: a chicago hot dog & chicago deep dish. the hot dog was good although no big deal, but the deep dish? hello! we did a fair amount of online research and according to many, pequod’s is simply the best. now granted, neither of us had experienced deep dish before but we LOVED it. so obvs i had to make it at home. slow roasted san marzano tomatoes, a pound of grated mozza, local italian sausage, fresh onion and tomato. so good!

i’m a big fan of pinch of yum. i make a lot of her recipes. fairly regularly. her red curry lentils are pure comfort food. also they’re dead easy. the only change i make is to swap out the butter for coconut oil — not because we’re vegan but because coconut oil smells so dang good.

my 20 year old son requested that i make soft tacos one night this week. it’d been aaaages since I made these; i used to make them a lot when the kids were little but i guess as they grew older and i could introduce different foods, i phased them out. here’s the thing: they were so good!! seriously. fry up an onion and some garlic in a bit of oil, add a pound of ground beef (we do extra lean organic but you choose), add 2 tubblesupps of this homemade taco seasoning and simmer away. drain off any fat; maybe add a bit of water if it’s looking dry. serve in a flour tortilla with grated cheddar, chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, taco sauce, sour cream, whatever else you fancy. roll it up and devour!

wow. i’d forgotten how much i love simple roasted halibut. no sauce, no marinade; just salt & pepper, maybe a little squeeze of lime and some parsley once it’s on the plate. pair that with some roasted sweet potato wedges and you’re havin yourself a good time.

and apparently i like roasted sweet potatoes so much, i served them for dinner two nights in a row! actually it is true; i love roasted sweet potatoes! they’re the star of this salad. i always do more than the recipe calls for. and i always feel so healthy when i eat this too: quinoa! spinach! superfoods! a magnificent vegan (or vegetarian, if you add a bit of goats cheese like i do) dish that shouldn’t get relegated to mondays. i typically season the potatoes with cumin in addition to the paprika and i sprinkle a handful of pepitas on top with the cheese when i’m serving. yum!


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