week 6

FRIDAY: dinner out
SATURDAY: lasagne + caesar salad
SUNDAY: shrimp & sweet potato curry
MONDAY: black bean burgers + potato rounds
TUESDAY: lamb burgers + greek salad
WEDNESDAY: thai yellow curry +
THURSDAY: kale tahini bowls

i’ve been making vegetarian lasagne of late. it’s easy and delicious. but my son was whinging for either a meat sauce version or my friend’s pesto chicken version. i’d planned on making a traditional meat sauce one but then i realised i don’t actually really like the recipe i’ve been using for years. which i suppose explains why i’ve been only making vegetarian lasagne of late. 😏

my friend served this pesto chicken lasagne at a dinner party some time ago and i set about recreating it. saturday night was my second attempt and i think i actually got it. i served it with halved sun gold tomatoes tossed in olive oil and salt instead of kale salad cos i was too lazy. also, colour 🍅🍅🍅
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week 5

FRIDAY: turkish kofta platter + marinated chickpea panzanella
SATURDAY: date night!
SUNDAY: cottage pie + kale salad
MONDAY: quinoa & wild rice salad
TUESDAY: fish sticks
WEDNESDAY: bangers & mash
THURSDAY: lentil & chickpea salad with roasted cauliflower

we invited some friends over for dinner on friday night and man was it good! holy shitballz good. i mean, we started with a big bunch of gorgeous heirloom tomatoes from our garden all tossed in olive oil and salt & pepper, and a big ball of burrata so clearly off to a good start. for dins i made these insanely tasty turkish lamb meatballs on top of a white bean puree. oh my word. and to go with, how sweet eats’ marinated chickpea panzanella.
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week 4

FRIDAY: spinach artichoke lasagne + kale caesar
SATURDAY: date night!
SUNDAY: summer polenta with chimichurri & tomatoes
MONDAY: white enchiladas
TUESDAY: coconut curried lentils
WEDNESDAY: lamb skewers + white bean salad
THURSDAY: thai tuna burgers + wasabi mash

i love this vegetarian lasagne so much, i’ve not made my normal meat version in ages! it’s also faster to make so… win win. is the secret ingredient the whipped cottage cheese? how good would whipped cottage cheese be in a chocolate cupcake??? also this kale caesar has become my go-to side salad these days. so good! fyi, that kale is from my garden. first year gardener here 🙋🏻
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week 3

FRIDAY: windy city ‘za
SATURDAY: date night!
SUNDAY: dad’s birthday
MONDAY: red curry lentils
TUESDAY: soft tacos
WEDNESDAY: halibut & sweet potato fries
THURSDAY: sweet potato, spinach & quinoa salad

a few years ago, we flew to chicago in order to see one of our fav bands on tour. we only had a couple food items on our “must try” list while we were there: a chicago hot dog & chicago deep dish. the hot dog was good although no big deal, but the deep dish? hello! we did a fair amount of online research and according to many, pequod’s is simply the best. now granted, neither of us had experienced deep dish before but we LOVED it. so obvs i had to make it at home. slow roasted san marzano tomatoes, a pound of grated mozza, local italian sausage, fresh onion and tomato. so good!
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9 weeks of meal planning!

okay so i went a little crazy on my meal planning sesh.  i typically do four weeks at a time but for whatever reason i did nine!  i only plan six meals per week now because even if we don’t do a “date night,” there are often leftovers or something else comes up. but yeah i’m pretty excited about the fact that i won’t be making the same meal twice in two months.

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week 2

FRIDAY: date night!
SATURDAY: rebar almond burgers & roasted cauliflower
SUNDAY: salmon & green beans
MONDAY: carnitas
TUESDAY: crab po’ boys
WEDNESDAY: gazpacho & vegiterranean sandwich
THURSDAY: fish tacos

so there’s this amazing vegetarian restaurant in victoria that we visited a few years ago now — so amazing, we ate there twice in three days!  we’re not vegetarians but have found we really enjoy vegetarian/vegan/raw food restaurants.  anyway, my husband ordered their almond burger and it was so good he got it again the next day!  i knew i wanted to make my own version at home – i mean how often are we in victoria??

my daughter bought me their cookbook but guess what?  it’s not in there!  there’s even a blurb about how popular this burger is but that they’re not giving up the recipe.  luckily i’m not the only one desperate to make this burger at home.  one lovely lady created her own version and it’s spectacular!!  a fair amount of work to be sure, but so worth it!  plus it makes like nine patties so, leftovers!  in fact, i’d made these earlier in the summer and froze the rest.  just had to pull a couple out for dinner on saturday and voila! #yayforleftovers
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