fall meal plan ~ week 7

we just got back from new york where the temperatures were about 10-15 degrees warmer than here in vancouver and not only that, but we came home to a house with no heat whatsoever due to the fact that our furnace konked out in the summer. suffice it to say, we’ve been freeeeeezing! give me all the warm and yummy foods comfort foods please!

bangers & mash
classic pub food. english sausages plus a lightened up potato-cauliflower mash with the best onion pan gravy.

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fall meal plan ~ week 6

nothing like a big heavy meal to start the week, amirite? no big deal — the rest of the week is way lighter. now you can stuff your face with all the mashed potatoes, stuffing and pie you want, guilt-free. you’re welcome.

thanksgiving dinner
roast turkey breast with two stuffings & gravy, plus all the fixins: cream cheese mashed potatoes, balsamic glazed yams, thyme-scented carrots & onions and a hearty kale salad. plus homemade cranberry sauce and two kinds of pie!

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thanksgiving is a week away!

so this might be a touchy subject: who thinks that the turkey is the worst part of the thanksgiving meal? the breast meat is often dry, does anyone actually eat the legs, and you’ve got more leftovers than you know what to do with (turkey curry anyone?)

one thanksgiving, many years ago, daunted by memories of a giant leftover turkey carcass and its juices running all over our counter, we decided to roast a turkey breast. with two kinds of stuffing even. it cooks in substantially less time than a traditional turkey (we’re talking 90 minutes here), it looks beautiful, and we think it tastes way better. we’ve never roasted a whole turkey since. (ps, it makes for dang good sandwiches the next day too.)

herb & mustard turkey breast with two stuffings & green onion gravy
the turkey breast gets pounded flat and filled with both a sausage stuffing and a bread stuffing and then smeared in an herb & mustard butter rub before it goes in the oven. save those gorgeous drippings for the green onion gravy!

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fall meal plan ~ week 5

i know i was lamenting the end of summer and the dreary weather that inevitably follows but whatever. i’m over it. now i’m all about the fall food!

you do not have to be of german descent to celebrate oktoberfest! you don’t even have to like beer! trust me, i hate beer and this is one of my favourite holiday meals: bratwurst with apples & sauerkraut, german potatoes & a cucumber-dill salad

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fall meal plan ~ week 4

even though labour day typically signals the end of summer, today is technically the first official day of fall. and i’m okay with it. bring on the comfort foods, i say! (but hold off on the rain and freezing temps please!)

miso-marinated salmon + wasabi mashed potatoes
one of our faves. super quick and easy. we love the miso coating on the salmon and the wasabi mash is addictive! the whole thing can be on the table in about 30.

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fall meal plan ~ week 3

ugh i hate that summer is winding down. i know comfort food is right around the corner (wheeee, roasted veg and warming curries and all the turkey) but there are still so many summer meals i want to eat!

chicken bulgogi
super flavourful korean chicken thighs. you’re gonna want to marinate this the night before. and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to do a double batch and freeze half for another night. i’ve included the recipe for a quick and easy cucumber salad to go with.

bolgogi chicken.JPG
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fall meal plan ~ week 2

oh wow, so many of my favourites this week! as summer is winding down, our tomato plants are exploding with produce! a girl can only eat so much burrata, amirite? (jk i can eat that stuff all day.) but there are a few recipes that i always pull out at the height of tomato season, one of which is featured below. holy delicious!

chicken and white bean enchiladas
these are my family’s favourite enchiladas! shredded chicken and cannellini bean filled tortillas, smothered in a super creamy green chile sauce and topped with cheese. super yum!

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