summertime and the living is easy

so apparently i am 100% one of those people that really look forward to the changing seasons. that said, who doesn’t love summer and all that it entails? noodles? yes please! hamburgers? absolutely! in fact, now is the time for anything barbecued, amirite? even pizza!

linked below are 13 different meal plans specifically chosen for this gorgeous eat-outside weather — all the noodles & burgers & barbecue; plus sandwiches, wraps, big fresh salads, lighter pastas, and of course pizza. loads of meals that are easy to throw together and have nothing to do with turning on the oven. enjoy! and have the very best summer!

summer meal plan no.1

summer meal plan no.2

summer meal plan no.3

summer meal plan no.4

summer meal plan no.5

summer meal plan no.6

summer meal plan no.7

summer meal plan no.8

summer meal plan no.9

summer meal plan no.10

summer meal plan no.11

summer meal plan no.12

summer meal plan no.13


spring has sprung!

in fact, here in vancouver we’ve been blessed with extraordinarily warm (dare i say “hot”) weather these past few days and it’s been bloody gorgeous! i’ve been walking around with a bit of a perma-grin on my face as, after 10 nightmare weeks involving a completely unsuitable residential care facility followed by a longer stint in the hospital, my mother has finally been placed in an alzheimers-appropriate care home! she’s finally where she should be — and is happy! one billion prayers answered!! suffice it to say, i am over the moon — for her of course, but for us too! now we can resume our long-abandoned back yard renovation project and, quite frankly, just get on living our lives! summer is right around the corner, people!

in the meantime, i’m ready to ditch the rich stews and heavy casseroles and other sweater-weather foods in favour of tacos and pizza and burgers etc.

here are 13 different meals plans loaded with delicious spring time eats!

spring meal plan no.1

spring meal plan no.2

spring meal plan no.3

spring meal plan no.4

spring meal plan no.5

spring meal plan no.6

spring meal plan no.7

spring meal plan no.8

spring meal plan no.9

spring meal plan no.10

spring meal plan no.11

spring meal plan no.12

spring meal plan no.13


winter is coming…

hello! remember me? i know… it’s been ages since i’ve posted anything here. if you’ve been following along on instagram &/or facebook, then you know that my mum’s dementia took a serious downturn last june and my husband & i were forced to put our lives on hold in order to care for her (thank god we’d booked our fall trip to italy way back in the spring!)

since the week before christmas, she has been in a full time care facility but it turns out they are unable to deal with the paranoia and delusions she suffers from so she’s just now been admitted into hospital. i was hoping 2019 was going to be better than 2018 but we’re not off to a great start. thankfully i have the best, most supportive husband in the world (he’s booked us a 10-day trip to mexico next month so i don’t have a mental breakdown).

suffice it to say, we are well into winter — happy new year and merry christmas and all that good stuff! to those who are caring for ailing parents, i feel you. for those that aren’t, be incredibly thankful! alzheimer’s sucks!!! and if you need any dinner inspo…

below are links to 12 different weekly meal plans perfect for this cold weather…

winter meal plan no. 1

winter meal plan no.2

winter meal plan no.3

winter meal plan no.5

winter meal plan no.6

winter meal plan no.7

winter meal plan no.8

winter meal plan no.9

winter meal plan no.10

winter meal plan no.11

winter meal plan no.12

winter meal plan no.13

fall meal plans

well, summer sure seems to be over. while i certainly miss the heat & sunshine, i will admit that i do look forward to warm cosy meals. it’s kinda nice to turn the oven back on, ya know?

below are links to 13 different weekly meal plans perfect for this fall weather…

fall meal plan no.1

fall meal plan no.2

fall meal plan no.3

fall meal plan no.4

fall meal plan no.5

fall meal plan no.6

fall meal plan no.7

fall meal plan no.8

fall meal plan no.9

fall meal plan no.10

fall meal plan no.11

fall meal plan no.12

fall meal plan no.13


summer meal plan ~ week 13

coconut fish curry
a nice brightly flavoured curry, perfect for the end of summer. i used cod for this (cos i love it, altho i do hate removing the bones) but you can use any firm skinless white fish.  make a simple curry with coconut milk, fresh tomatoes, fresh chili pepper, ginger & garlic, some nice chunks of fish and a good squeeze of lime. make sure you serve it with some rice to soak up all that sauce!

coconut fish curry

beet slaw with pistachio butter
holy cow, this salad is a revelation! it probably doesn’t sound like those flavours even go together but omg they were made for each other! i mean the pistachio butter alone, you could put on anything, but paired with the beet slaw — already a straight up winner, beautifully balancing sweet and savoury — the flavours & textures together are phenomenal. also, it’s filling, so if you’re thinking, “what? beet slaw for dinner?” think again!

beet slaw with pistachio butter

lamb burgers with mint-feta pesto
oh boy, this is another winning flavour combo. i often find lamb so rich, but the tang from the feta in the pesto cuts any richness the beautifully seasoned ground lamb burgers might have. you can serve these as i always do (on their own, with a side of traditional greek salad) or you can pack them into a pita pocket with shredded lettuce.

lamb burgers with mint-feta pesto

arugula, dried cherry & wild rice salad
i feel like i have two recipes for greens-based salads and every time i make either, i declare it to be my favourite salad. this is one of them (here is the other). loaded with flavour and contrasting textures — not only dried cherries and wild rice, but toasted almonds and tangy feta cheese too — it is both the perfect side salad (if you cut back on the rice) as well as a full meal salad. take note, cos this is the perfect dish to make when you’re asked to bring something to a dinner party, or potluck.

wild rice, cherry & arugula salad

chicken & chorizo fajitas
i’ve been making these fajitas since my kids were little. i suppose chorizo isn’t terribly authentic — should be sautéed red peppers, but guess what my kids prefer? sautéed chicken and onions with sliced chorizo, piled in to big flour tortillas with all your favourite fixins: lettuce, tomatoes & cheddar for sure, but we love these with refried beans too. i guess they’re kinda fajita-burritos. fajitarritos.

chicken & chorizo fajitas

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summer meal plan ~ week 12

cod sandwiches with wasabi & ginger
oof, i do love me a nice fish burger. they are hard to find in restaurants tho — typically battered and deep fried and, while delicious, they tend to be super heavy and make me feel a bit sick afterward. enter the roasted cod sandwich! this one has got some yummy asian flavours going on with it: crunchy ginger slaw & creamy wasabi mayo. uh, yum!

cod sandwiches with wasabi & ginger

hummus with tomatoes and cucumbers
question: how many times can i make a big batch of hummus and call it dinner? answer: as many times as i can find these amazing hummus-centric recipes! (proof: here, sorta here & here!) it feels like you’re eating snacks for dinner but technically it’s quite healthy! hummus is loaded with protein (hello, chickpeas!) and i do believe those are vegetables piled on top. everyone wins.

hummus with tomatoes and cucumber

grilled chicken with curried quinoa, spinach & mango
i absolutely love this salad! i do have an affinity for composed salads and this one is absolutely fantastic. grilled chicken on spinach, drizzled with shallot vinaigrette, on a bed of curried quinoa with diced mango. yummo!

grilled chicken with curried quinoa, spinach & mango

grilled asian pork tenderloin with peanut sauce + asian cucumber salad
omg peanut sauce!! i swear i could drink this stuff. this whole meal is dead easy to make; you just need to start a little early. marinate the chicken the night before, then next day, assemble the salad and while that sits, grill the pork! boom!

asian pork tenderloin with cucumber salad

spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, garlic, chiles & basil
this might be the best pasta dish i’ve ever had. fresh sun gold tomatoes, fresh basil & fresh garlic (all from my garden #notsohumblebrag) — altho honestly, that’s got nothing to do with it! obviously find the best cherry tomatoes you can, but this sauce is so silky and delicious, it’s crazy. make this!

spaghetti with tomatoes, garlic, chilies & basil

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